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Northwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack Apr 08 2006
Backpack8.00 Miles 2,588 AEG
Backpack8.00 Miles2 Days         
2,588 ft AEG
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This was an incredible hike with a signifcantly intense 1700 foot climb at the start for a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes of hiking time (one way) to a beautiful destination. Of course the trip out took a little longer. The trip to Vasey's Paradise added an additional round trip time of an hour or 2 depending on how long you explore and linger in the area. It's really a short trip over slick, wet, slippery steep rock to the spring but well worth the effort. We had heard tales of the area being filled with poison ivy but saw none. I had hopes of making my way to Redwall Cavern but opted to pass as the daylight hours were slipping away. The river water was COLD but I managed to stand in it long enough to wash the blood and mud from my legs.

We camped without tents in the soft silky sand along the Colorado River in a pretty private area. We easily filtered water from the river that tasted great. I lost my homemade energy bars and a pack of gum to a pair of super sneaky Ringtails that kept me up most of the night. Eventually I propped my headlamp on a nalgene bottle and left it on for the last 3 hours of darkness to keep them away. Night time temps were around 48 degrees but the canyon sure heated up for the route out. I'd say we were baking at around 85 to 90 degrees but it felt more like 100. I sure wouldn't want to do this hike much later in the year.

I was actually amazed at the number of rafters and hikers that we encountered on this trip. The other hikers had traveled the long, regular route through South Canyon. Some indicated that they would take a couple of days to exit.

Another great adventure, well worth the effort and cliffy exposure!
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