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La Barge Mountain 5077
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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking Apr 15 2006
Hiking9.20 Miles
Hiking9.20 Miles   5 Hrs   15 Mns   1.75 mph
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LaBarge Mountain is a prominent high point in the eastern Superstitions and easily accessible from the Woodbury trailhead via the JF Trail. I was surprised to find little here's my account of hiking to the top.

Leave Woodbury trailhead on the JF trail heading toward Tortilla Pass. From the trailhead go north up a small hill before decending to the Windmill and continuing down Randolph Canyon. You cross the creek at your low point (3260') 1.4 miles from the start. The rocky trail climbs to Tortilla Pass (4485') through pretty cactus (saguaro, prickly pear, and resplendent ocotillo) - 3.3mi, 80min from the car.

From Tortilla Pass, look southwest and head up the hill. You want to stay left (mainly) near the barbed wire fence that heads up the hill. Its brushy but game trails make it passable (long pants recommended!). When you crest the first ridge you can see the main peak but also a substantial drop is in the way. Head left, back toward the fence and drop to a prominent notch (4560', 0.7 mi from Tortilla Pass). From here I went diagonal right, mainly contouring around a couple of minor drainages. You're probably better off staying left though as described below. The brush is pretty thick (and sticky) but eventually you climb out of it and move straight ahead to the summit which my GPS had at 5064' (1.3 mi and 75min from the pass).

The summit is an elongated ridge running N-S, and the higher point is the southern one. Apparently not a lot of people go up there. The summit is marked by a three rock cairn and I didn't see a register. Interestingly there is a piece of fence right at the top! Great views all around though I had a hazy day. I had contemplated descending a different way, either to the north (hit JF Trail and return) or south (straight down into Randolph Canyon) but I had a late start and so returned the "known" way.

Going back I stayed right and high and contoured above most of the bushes, bringing a steeper decent to the notch. Probably this is better. Adventurous souls might want to scramble around on some of the interesting rock formations....I noticed a couple of arches. Back to Tortilla Pass and down the JF trail to the car.

All-in-all an interesting trip

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