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Lanipo Trail
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mini location map2013-02-22
19 by photographer avatarzukerrach
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Lanipo TrailHonolula, HI
Honolula, HI
Hiking avatar Feb 22 2013
Hiking6.70 Miles 2,666 AEG
Hiking6.70 Miles
2,666 ft AEG
1st trip
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I headed out to Honolulu around 7am my first morning in Hawaii to start my vacation off right. ;)

The trailhead was already near the top of a mountain, so the trail spit me out onto a ridgeline almost immediately... the views were amazing! Honolulu, Koko crater, and the coast were all visible for most of the hike, fog permitting.

This hike was a nice introduction to ridge hiking for me. In most places the trail was only a foot or two wide, with steep drops on either side-- I had no problem staying awake for this one, even without coffee!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see through the fog, so I didn't get to see any of the stellar views at the summit... I still had a great time though, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting soaked and muddy in the rain-- worth it!

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