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Olomana - 3 Peaks
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mini location map2013-02-23
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Olomana - 3 PeaksHonolula, HI
Honolula, HI
Hiking avatar Feb 23 2013
Hiking4.40 Miles 2,495 AEG
Hiking4.40 Miles
2,495 ft AEG
1st trip
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My friend's husband found an army buddy of his who was willing to brave a few hikes with me while I was in Hawaii-- this was our first one. Talk about "trial by fire"!

The trail started out innocently enough as a nice hike through the woods. Soon enough, we started getting some decent elevation gain, which was made more difficult by all of the mud! There were a couple places with ropes to help us up, which was a ton of fun!

Once the woods cleared, we were finally able to see up to peak #1, and could sometimes see the third peak off ahead and to our right. The climb to the first peak was pretty intense, as it's the highest of the 3 peaks. There were a couple other hikers at the top, all of whom seemed startled when they realized we were continuing on to the other 2 peaks as well! :D

The drop from the first peak was fairly steep, but it looked scarier from up above than it was once you got down there (my companion, Jared, disagreed)! The whole pass from peak #1 to #2 was very narrow, which definitely got my heart racing, but it was actually a pretty simple climb otherwise! There were 2 other hikers sitting at the top of peak #2 staring down at the drop leading towards peak #3, trying to muster up some courage. After a couple photos, I grabbed the ropes and (praying they would hold) started climbing down... it was definitely a crazy experience!

Getting to the top of the third and final peak was pretty straightforward, although it did require some sure and steady footing in many places. The whole thing was a scramble, but the rock was formed with nice little ledges that made excellent steps! The top was anticlimactic; there wasn't an actual peak; the whole thing just leveled off so that Jared and I both ended up wandering back and forth asking "is this it?"

We were very lucky that the rain held out the whole time we were on the ridges, or I'm sure the return hike would have been much less fun and significantly more dangerous than it already was. It was a great experience, but we were nonetheless pretty giddy once we finally got back to the flat, muddy, wooded section near the beginning!

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