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Lime Creek Cabin - Tonto NF
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mini location map2013-11-22
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Lime Creek Cabin - Tonto NFPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 22 2013
Hiking10.10 Miles 1,955 AEG
Hiking10.10 Miles   6 Hrs   48 Mns   1.49 mph
1,955 ft AEG
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The rain always gets me. I knew there was no way I would work the entire day, so for the first time in a couple of months, I drove my truck to work (not a huge fan of riding my bike in a downpour). I threw a backpack and some hiking clothes in the back seat figuring I would leave at lunch.

The texts were lighting up my phone and as it turned out, I managed exactly 21 minutes at my desk before I said " :pk: it! I'm out of here!". I had been monitoring the rainfall totals, radar, and streamflow data, and knew I wouldn't be accomplishing anything at work anyway. How often does it happen that a place that gets 8-10" of rain in a year gets 2-3" in a day or two? SOLD! :y:

Apparently Kyle can't work in the rain :-k , so he had the day off and convinced me to head for the north valley. It had been on my list since October, but after Larry's shortened attempt on Thursday, I was reminded that Lime Creek Cabin was a destination I wanted to check out. I wasn't alone. Kyle was already halfway there. (Thanks for waiting for my slow ass!).

It's a long day and a lot of hiking. Not to mention a pretty good-sized hill!. Cave Creek Road was very nicely graded until this storm. It is now a mess of slick mud and fat ruts. You have us to thank for that. :) The road to the trailhead is even worse. I've felt more comfortable on snow before. Very slick and all the 4wd in the world won't help you. Oh yeah ... can you say FUN!? :D

With no maps or gps tracks we went too far but backtracked and found the trailhead road. I don't know why people start hiking so soon. We drove the road all the way up to the saddle. Saved over a mile of hiking! Damn fun too! A couple of sketchy spots, but with two vehicles, tow ropes, and both Miller AND Bud Lights, what did we have to fear!?

Down to the creek was a muddy mess. Loved it. Light rain, slip n slide, dramatic clouds, etc. Yeah, coulda been at work I guess.

Once in the creek bottom there's a relatively easy route to follow, though we didn't really find it until the way back. (See GPS track, return trip is the way to go). Basically, once you hit the creek, cross the creek and follow upstream to the "spring/pool" where the water ends. Stay on the east side and follow upstream. Eventually the track will come back to the stream bottom which will be dry at that point and hiking upstream from there is straightforward.

You'll see the cabin from a few hundred yards away, not far after leaving the riparian/shaded area. Lime Spring was flowing great with a few nice waterfalls. Getting to the source was a real chore but a neat side trip. We took a break in the cabin while it rained as hard as it would all day long.

It was well-provisioned and since I wasn't really prepared for a 10-mile hike, we cooked up some delicious canned Hormel Chili, which went great with the pancakes and syrup (apparently maple syrup never goes bad?) so we had plenty of energy for the hike out! There were plenty of creatures in the cabin, but the scorpions were dead and we managed to chase everything else away. Chairs were nice.

This cabin is mostly frequented by equestrian travelers. There was only one entry in the log book from a hiker, the rest were all riders. Thus the corral and shed with horse feed. Pretty cool place.

Good day hike for seasoned hikers, and a good overnight for those where the mileage or elevation is out of the comfort zone. But with the horse traffic it's one of those places you really can't count on being unoccupied when you get there.

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water 3 out of 5water 4 out of 5 Lime Spring Gallon + per minute Gallon + per minute
I know this is a perennial water source. Don't know how much it was enhanced by the rain. But it was gushing safely in the 5-gallon/minute range.

dry Walnut Spring Dry Dry
Didn't see any water here that wasn't surface water from rain.
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