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Grief Hill Trail #153
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mini location map2014-01-18
18 by photographer avatarmr14ner
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Grief Hill Trail #153Prescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking5.00 Miles 1,202 AEG
Hiking5.00 Miles   4 Hrs   30 Mns   1.11 mph
1,202 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Wanted to do a hike somewhere I hadn’t been to before, not too far from home, and not too warm. This hike seemed to fit the bill. After locating Forest Road 9306S, proceeded up to where the road started getting rough and overgrown. Found a good parking spot about ¼ mile from the Grief Water Tank. Temp was 29 degrees, but that changed fast after the sun came up. Found a cairn on the left side of the ATV trail just past the old corral and started to follow the cairns up the hill. Not much of a trail until you get higher, then the old wagon road became more evident. The trail follows the old road and detours around cactus in a few places. Followed the trail/road up to the saddle between Juniper Hill and Grief Hill. Trail/Road petered-out as I continued south, so decided to head east and climb Juniper Hill. This detour was all off trail. There were nice views from the top, with views of Mingus Mountain to the west, Bradshaws to the SW, and Sedona red rocks and Humphries to the north.

Just a couple of things to note about this hike. There is very little shade along the route, so an early start is recommended (in the photo set by Stoic, photos #8 & #9 that show lots of ponderosas, those were taken somewhere else, there are no ponderosa trees along this trail). There is no water along the trail, and none in the Grief Water Tank. Didn’t have a GPS, but I estimate the length was around 5 miles round trip.
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