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Milford Track-New Zealand, WW
mini location map2014-02-06
31 by photographer avatarSun_Ray
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Milford Track-New Zealand, WW 
Milford Track-New Zealand, WW
Hiking avatar Feb 06 2014
Hiking33.50 Miles 3,330 AEG
Hiking33.50 Miles
3,330 ft AEG
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1st trip
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The main reason for our New Zealand trip was to hike the Milford Track as it's often listed on "best 10 hikes in the world". We had several neighbors that had hiked it and all were saying Judy and I HAD to do it. So...13 months in advance we signed up for this guide hike that included food, lodging and transportation. We attended a mandatory pre-hike meeting the day before and joined the group of 45 at the Ultimate Hikes Queenstown office the next morning.

Day 1 - We take a 3.5 hour coach ride to the town of Te Anau and stop for a provided lunch for an hour. We then board a boat for an hour ride on Lake Te Anau to the beginning of the Milford Track. We all have our pictures taken at the trailhead sign and then walk just a mile to our first wilderness lodge...Glade House. Dinner at 6 PM, 30 minute presentation on what we can expect tomorrow and then generator off /lights out at 10 PM. They tell us to go to bed with our lights on so when the generator comes on at 6 AM....the lights provide the wake up call. The first night I set the alarm on my phone just to be sure.

Day 2 - The schedule is the same each morning. 6:30 AM to 7 AM is lunch making. They set up 2 4x8 tables with sandwich bread, several choices of meat, lettuce, tomato etc. PJ, fruit, cookies, trail mix. We all make our lunch and then head to tables for buffet breakfast. Most days we were told we could take off between 7:30 and 8 AM. One guide out front, 2 in the middle and one sweep. We are in the first group out and without trying finish 2nd and 3rd....I'm not happy with that...we need to take more time to enjoy the trail! We stay at Pompolona lodge for the night.
10 miles
690 feet AEG

Day 3 - This will be our only difficult day as we hike over Mackinnon Pass where the weather is always cold and wet. Well it was, but only for about 30 minutes and I'd say it was a moderate 50 degrees as we made our way through a cloud at the saddle. Elevation at the top is 3720 feet. In 3.5 miles we drop 2920 feet with some of this on very rocky trail. I'm tired from the concentration needed to watch my foot placement for long periods of time. At days end we arrive at Quintin Lodge.
10 miles
2640 feet AEG

Day 4 - This is a long gradual down hill day to Sandfly Point. We all make good time and arrive at small bay where a boat will pick us up and take us to our nights lodging. We have hiked from an inland lake to the Milford Sound. It's a 30 minute boat ride to Mitre Peak Lodge on the Milford Sound. We enjoy our dinner (food was very good the whole trip) and received our certificate of completion. I tell the group that the hike exceeded my very high expectations.
13 miles
-700 feet of elevation

Day 5 - We walk down to the bay from our hotel and board a boat for a tour of the Milford sound. Other folks have driven to this area as this tour of the Sound is a very popular activity. After about a 2 hour cruise we take a coach back to Queenstown.
Boat / Ship Bridge
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