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West Clear Creek Wander, AZ
mini location map2012-06-16
1 by photographer avatarWilliamnWendi
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West Clear Creek Wander, AZ 
West Clear Creek Wander, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 16 2012
Hiking5.83 Miles
Hiking5.83 Miles   3 Hrs      2.19 mph
      20 Mns Break
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Set out to do the Point Trail but once beyond Camp Verde smoke from the Poco Fire, though unknown to us a the time so, as it were, we worried a little on this and then seeing the road conditions on 144 we worried that if for some reason we needed to escape a fire that we wouldn't be doing it on that road. So we parked and just followed some cow trails through the woods. Somewhere near by, a ceremonial drum was being played and you could hear Indians singing and could imagine a dance perhaps. That was a special treat, a little strange though too as we walked through smokey forest. We heard the song for some time but we were moving away from the sound and never got to see what was really going on. I made some temporary ducks along the way to follow back out when we were done. The cow trail wasted no time heading for water, the Twentynine Tank. And from there we followed a series of dirt roads to I correctly guessed was the 142 and then we followed that for short ways before turning back. In passing the Calloway tank there was a herd of cows that didn't seem to be too shy and actually start a run towards, we got behind the biggest tree we could find and just as fast they stopped and just stared. They were still a good hundred feet off but seeing a herd of 12/15 running at you is a little disconcerting. On the way back out they did the same thing only this time I threw up my gorilla arms and they actually retreated. Wendi scolded me though so I probably won't be doing that again.

I think we had our first run in with "No-See-Ums" Wendi got a nice bite. We followed our cairns back destroying them as we went. Lost them only once before turning back and getting back on "trail".

Not sure that we would have ever taken our sedan any further up that road smoke or not but we did watch another Sedan drive by without ever turning around so I guess some are brave enough. When we got home we learned about the Poco fire burning east of Payson so I guess we pretty safe all along.
The Tree of Understanding, dazzling, straight, and simple, sprouts by the spring called Now I Get It. - Wislawa Szymborska, "Utopia"
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