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Brahma via Sumner Canyon - Freezer Foray, AZ
mini location map2014-05-11
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Brahma via Sumner Canyon - Freezer Foray, AZ 
Brahma via Sumner Canyon - Freezer Foray, AZ
Hiking avatar May 11 2014
Hiking28.00 Miles 9,000 AEG
Hiking28.00 Miles   16 Hrs   47 Mns   2.76 mph
9,000 ft AEG   6 Hrs   39 Mns Break
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1st trip
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We had a plan to hike a 34 mile loop with the goal of reaching the summit of Brahma Temple along the way. 8 miles of the hike would be off trail and it would take the better part of a day to complete. Estimated time was 17 to 19 hours. This had us departing Phoenix on Saturday night at 11pm.

Me with no sleep, Joe and Dave with very little we were on our way to the Grand Canyon. Three hours later we arrived and were making our way down the South Kaibab Trail. 30% chance of rain was in the forecast and that was to take place prior to 11am. This all sounded good.

Down we go, past Phantom Ranch before it even opens up. Then up the Clear Creek Trail and over to Sumner Wash. This is where we turn and start to head up and off trail. Rain drops start to fall, then they get bigger. We make our way up through the break in the Redwall and weather starts to get worse. Rain stops and hail starts. Wind starts blowing harder but we continue to push on. A couple class 3 scrambles here and there and then some fun class 4 climbs add to the adventure. We are getting ever closer to Zoroaster Temple and Brahma lurks behind it. Snow starts to fall. Yes I said snow starts to fall. I can't speak for the other two but I start to turn into a popsicle. Brahma disappears as do the other monuments in the park. A curtain of snow and rain has settled over the Grand Canyon.

We reach our final climb which will put us right below the top of Zoroaster. From here the plan would be to cross the saddle to Brahma and then skirt it to where we would start our ascent. The wind howls and we attempt this final climb for quite sometime. The rope isn't long enough, the rocks are wet, our shoes are muddy and the list goes on. I start to whine about the cold. I make an attempt or three at this thing and all I want to do is get the heck out of here. Freezing and frustrated I hide from the wind behind a rock. Dave and Joe continue to attempt the climb. They are close to getting it but just not quite there.

Finally we decide to retreat. On the way back down Joe spots another possibility and we decide to go check it out while Dave takes a short break. Once we see that it doesn't go we start heading back towards Dave. I tell Joe let's take one more shot at the climb. It is now that my hands have thawed out a bit and I feel I have a chance at it. Up I go and I have success. Then Joe calls Dave and he heads back up. Joe starts to make his way up but the weather remains cold and is messing with his abilities.

After a bit of time we decided that Brahma and the loop hike would have to wait for another day. Back down the wall I went and we headed out. The sun finally came out and the rest of the hike was quite enjoyable.

We didn't have success in completing our mission. We did however see a super cool side of the Grand Canyon. We also learned a good bit about this route and will be able to utilize that information in the future.

Brahma you will see us again but next time we will be standing on top of you, not just looking at you from Zoroaster. That's a promise!
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Brahma Temple Zoroaster Temple
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