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Ptarmigan Creek Trail
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mini location map2014-07-04
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Ptarmigan Creek TrailSouth, AK
South, AK
Hiking avatar Jul 04 2014
Hiking1.00 Miles
Hiking1.00 Miles
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Bear sighting! Yikes! I lived in Denali National Park for an entire summer and never had a bear sighting during a hike (though I saw grizzlies almost daily elsewhere). It freaked my hiking partner out more than it excited me, so we headed home quickly. We told a camper along the way who looked like a local, and his grandfatherly-but-bored look of "Aww, you saw a bear, that's great for you, so proud!" was amusing.

This is a gorgeous hike that follows the strong flow of Ptarmigan Creek. I was hoping to see moose. The black bear was an unwanted bonus.
Named place
Named place
Ptarmigan Creek
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