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Peninsula Petroglyph Trail - Lyman Lake
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mini location map2014-08-08
7 by photographer avatarAZ_Step
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Peninsula Petroglyph Trail - Lyman LakeAlpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 08 2014
Hiking1.00 Miles 245 AEG
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245 ft AEG
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This is a great little day hike. The weather was perfect, in the low 80’s and the sun was out with just a few clouds. The petroglyphs were easy to find and didn’t have any recent additions.
Mike the ranger at the store was telling me that they are trying to get a grant so they can fence in a section of the park to keep a few Buffalo’s in. Years ago a nearby rancher kept Buffalo and it became a symbol of the park. It’s even on the park logo. He was also telling me that the new park manager wants to plan a couple of hundred trees around the lake to help with erosion control, day hiking and fishing.
And the big news is that to help increase tourism to the lake they are planning on taking tours to the petroglyphs on the far side of the lake next year. They are planning on making an “official” trail and they are going to be using the FS pontoon boat to make trips 1 or 2 time a day.
I think Mike was glad to have someone to talk.
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