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Jacob's Trail #58
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Jacob's Trail #58Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 10 2007
Hiking5.00 Miles 340 AEG
Hiking5.00 Miles   4 Hrs      1.25 mph
340 ft AEG
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I have to write this up as Jacob's Crosscut even though the basic hike is really a spur trail NE from the main trail. From the Broadway trailhead at the east end of Broadway Dan and I went Wednesday to finally go to the so called "Broadway Cave". This really should be a hike of its own but I could not find any information about the cave or the mine at the cave or the ruins of a miner's cabin with the fireplace chimney still standing just a short way up Monument Canyon.

Anyway, we started up the Jacob's Crosscut route while keeping the cave in view about half way up the mountain. I had been cautioned by AZLOT69 to watch for some cairns about a half mile up the trail. Being less observant than I should have been I walked right by them and in a few minutes realized I was heading away from the cave direction. We retraced and found the 3 carins and took the trail to the NE. We stayed on this trail (part of Jacob's Crosscut) until we came to a post with a sign that just says "trail". At that point we went right up a clearly marked trail toward the Monument Canyon and the Cave.

It does not look as high up as it is. My GPS said that we gained 840 feet from the trailhead in a bit over 2 miles with the majority of the climb in the last half mile up to the cave. As you continue up toward Monument Canyon you come to a definite large cairn with a trail to the right From then on you are headed up the mountain to the cave. There is actually a pretty good series of switchbacks one can follow that makes the climb easier. Then there are places where you can simply climb steeper slopes to get to the cave faster. .

We arrived at the cave and were surprised at its size. We stopped for lunch and explored around the outer cave area and then started down the obvious mine shaft. It is said to be about 80 feet in length. We made it about 40 feet until it got a bit tight and there was a rank smell of something dead with millions of flies ahead. We turned around!

After lunch we went down to the junction of the Monument Canyon trail and this time turned right for about a quarter mile, up a small ridge and in front of us was a chimney and the outline of an old cabin. From there the basic trail ends but one can go on up the canyon, that we will do sometime. It is good to see the Flatiron from the other side with the top hoodoos. The Monument Canyon looks very interesting and we will soon see how far we can go

Some of my photos show the cave and the height where we were. Again, I can not find any information about that cave-mine or the cabin site that has a definite wagon road down from it that we used as the trail. Return the same way and the total hike is almost 5 miles. Delightful with cell phone signal the entire way. Now when I drive east on 60 and see that cave up there I know what it is!! My thanks to AZLOT69 for his directions.
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