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Peralta to Fremont Saddle
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mini location map2002-08-20
6 by photographer avatarFritzski
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Peralta to Fremont SaddlePhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 20 2002
Hiking4.50 Miles 1,366 AEG
Hiking4.50 Miles   2 Hrs      2.25 mph
1,366 ft AEG
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I've always wanted to catch a hike in the Supes during a good monsoon, but it's a little like chasing a rainbow since you're never exactly sure where it will hit. Looking east from my home in Gilbert, the thunderheads were looming large this particular afternoon so I hopped in my car and headed out. This time I was lucky, but got a little more of nature's wrath than I had bargained for!

As I've mentioned before, Peralta is a good choice for a late afternoon to evening hike due to the complete shade. Add to that some thick cloud cover and a good breeze and it was an absolutely delightful start..

The vegetation looks so bad out there it made me heartsick. The brittlebush and jojoba are trashed (which may end up a blessing), the prickly pear is yellow and wilted, and some of the large sugar sumac trees are history. At least the few pinon pines that exist in and around the canyon looked relatively healthy. As usual, the wildlife around sunset in the desert is best seen in summer. Along with a cocky little chuckwalla , I saw three snakes (only one venomous), a swarm of buzzards (probably circling the idiot out hiking in the inferno), and a ringtail cat in the parking lot.

As I prepared to return from the summit of Fremont Saddle the skies began to really darken and the thunder began to echo through the canyon. It was then I decided to give "trail running" a little try in the interest of vacating the exposed area on top pronto. You could hear the rain approaching, and when it hit it was like a gail. Little walls of water formed everywhere quickly gaining strength as they cascaded together over the parched dirt. By the time I was halfway down it was pitch black, pouring rain, with lightning cracking and shaking the walls of the canyon. Walking through the ankle deep rushing rivulet that was once a trail, it was a bit of a mess to say the least (sorry, no photos as I was otherwise predisposed :).

As I finally neared the bottom, the thunder and lightning receded and then the rain let up to a drizzle. The canyon wash, however, was just now beginning to crank up to nice rushing creek. When I got to my truck, the parking lot was a muddy quagmire still under an inch of water . Funny, but nothing about this little adventure seemed to impress Rusty in the least - he just sat there in the mud waiting for his "post-hike treat"!
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