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Superstition Mtns - NW / Flatiron
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mini location map2016-01-17
36 by photographer avatarCoryTallman
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Superstition Mtns - NW / FlatironPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Climbing avatar Jan 17 2016
Climbing4.00 Miles
Climbing4.00 Miles   9 Hrs      0.44 mph
35 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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•••• Field Of Dreams Second 5.10dTradPG5 Pitches450 ft
When a buddy invited me along to climb Field Of Dreams, I thought how bad can it really be? Being relatively new to the climbing world I had been gradually increasing the difficulty of my climbs, and hadn't quite found my limit.

Scratch that. Found my limit on Field Of Dreams. If it weren't for a much more experienced partner leading this route, I wouldn't have made it a quarter of the way up.

We left the parking lot of Siphon Draw around 8. Two hours to hike up to the base of Flatiron with all of our gear. Pitch #1 went relatively smooth. We did pitch #2 & #3 together as one pitch. Most of #3 was very time consuming. By the time we reset at the belay station and my partner had started out on pitch #4 the sun was getting lower in the sky. After discussing it for a while we decided to bail, and it's a good thing we did, by the time we rapped down and packed up our bags the sun was setting. As much as I hate admitting defeat to anything, I was pretty amazed by just how far I made it on this route. Until next time Field of Dreams...
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