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mini location map2007-09-01
19 by photographer avatarChefTIO
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Ken Patrick TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 01 2007
Hiking10.00 Miles
Hiking10.00 Miles
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This was the first time we have been to the North Rim area. We took it easy by staying at the lodge which was a great place to stay. We only had one full day to hit as many trails as possible. We needed to find some easier trails than we would have normally have taken due to a recent knee operation my wife had and were looking for something to help get it back into hiking shape. In all we hit 4 different trails, Bright Angel Point, Ken Patrick, Widfross and East Rim View Point. East Rim view point didn't offer much. It did view towards the "start" of the canyon, but we didn't spend much time there. Ken Patrick at Imperial Point was nice. It stayed along the rim with great views along the way. There was some burned out areas from the fire in 2000, but the re-growth was doing well. The trail was over grown in some areas but not too bad. Wish we could have gone farther, but this was our first major trail of the day and wanted to get to the next hike. The next one we hit was Widfross. This was a neat trail and geared towards the Weekend Hiker from the nearby lodge. It had nice views also. There was also a set of Points of Interest along the way. You can pick up a map at the trail head that describes the various spots. Again we wished we could have gone farther, but some clouds coming in did look a little threatening so we turned around. This trail is about 5+ miles one way to the point. Bright Angel Point, we probably went up and down this quarter mile trail a good 10 to 12 times during our stay. The trail head was just outside our cabin. So every time there was a good opportunity to take some pics I was running up and down this trail. All in all, as they say, it was a great trip and wished we could have stayed one more day. Can't wait to get back here soon.
"The grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never dried all at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising." ~ Mr. John Muir

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