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TMB ( Tour Du Mont Blanc ), WW
mini location map2016-08-31
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TMB ( Tour Du Mont Blanc ), WW 
TMB ( Tour Du Mont Blanc ), WW
Backpack113.00 Miles 39,000 AEG
Backpack113.00 Miles9 Days         
39,000 ft AEG35 LBS Pack
1st trip
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TMB I finally did it. took me 8 nights 9 days to finish this famous loop around Mont. Blanc crossed three countries French, Italy and Switzerland. total miles 113 miles for whole loop and ascent 38940 feet and descent almost same 38400 ft. it was hard just like everyday climbing in grand canyon. big issue for me is food. I didn't bring enough for lunch. I thought can buy bread from each refuge or restaurant on the loop. but it was not. all the refuge are for tourist. you have to have pre-reserved in refuge before you get there. same thing happened for the bedding too. So I was suffering for the raining day. 24 hrs keep raining no stop. My sleeping system was totally wet and I was unable to cook for the dinner too. So when you were wet(cold) and hungry, You will not be in good shape to climbing over 4000 ft and dropped in the same ft on very steep hill with rocky. all the restaurants I passed, don't provide meal if it was not the meal time like 12:00 for lunch and 7:00pm for dinner. I just can't figure out why it will happen. the view it was beautiful, you can be so close to the glacier. but the trail is so so some times the sign and mark make me so confused. for me, all the local name are the same, I just want the TMB sign and know where I am going. Also a lot of people on the trail so many trail there too, like each way you can go. I think 95% to 98% of them are tourist either day hiker or loop hiker carrying day back with shuttle serve or taking cable to the peak or refuges with guard. 2% to 5% are the real backpacking but little service you can get from the trail. finding camping spot is big issue too. No sign stated you can't camping, but was told can't camping under 2500 meter. but most of time you hike at the range from 5000 ft to 7000 ft. That mean don't camping stay in refuges. but we are backpackers! My pack is a little heavier than what I want. carry all my sleep gear not hammock sometimes they are wet, and nine days food too. But I still had great time. no second time, one is enough. I might post some pictures later.
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