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Alamo Canyon - Picket Post, AZ
mini location map2007-11-24
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Alamo Canyon - Picket Post, AZ 
Alamo Canyon - Picket Post, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 24 2007
Hiking23.50 Miles 4,410 AEG
Hiking23.50 Miles   9 Hrs   20 Mns   2.52 mph
4,410 ft AEG
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This portion of the AZ trail is being re-routed. The original trail follows an un-used FR, that dumps you into a wash.

I started hiking at 8:30am. It was 51 degrees. I followed the AZ trail sign. The first 2 miles was on a nice single track trail. The trail dumped me into a wash. There was a sign saying that the trail was under construction and to follow the red flags. For the next 4 miles the trail goes in and out of a wash. There was a nice system of cairns. At one point the trail followed an old jeep road at went past a windmill. The windmill was dry. The wash/trail is very easy to follow. When ever the trail made a sharp turn, there was a wooden AZT sign pointing the way. This part of the trail reminded of the Boulder Canyon trail in the Supps. About 3.5 miles, the trail leaves the wash and makes a major climb out of the Alamo valley. At the time of this climb is a gate, then a road. Follow the road and AZT wooden posts. The trail follows the road for about 4 miles. Now can see very cool rock formations. The road descends and climbs and climbs again. By this point I was getting tired. At a wooden ATZ sign you leave the road and take a single track trail out. The trail was overgrown with prickerbushes, but it was very well marked with cairns. At the 12 mile mark, a came across a fence(N33 10.88 W111 7.405) line. I believe this is the boundary between the Tonto and the White Canyon Wilderness. The views were very spectacular. It was nice seeing different rock formations. I had a quick lunch and started my journey back to the car. About 4.5 miles from the TH, I saw the old AZ trail, which was a road. I was in a race to beat the sunset, so I took this way back to the TH. I got back to the car by 5:45 as the sun went down.
"Everywhere is walking distance...If you have the time"
-Stephen Wright
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