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Sedona Loop Hike
Sedona Loop Hike
CirclestoneGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking20.15 Miles 5,290 AEG
Hiking20.15 Miles   8 Hrs   50 Mns   2.28 mph
5,290 ft AEG
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This was my third circlestone trip. The first time we start from the Champaign TH and the leader couldn't find the turnoff from the fireline trail. The second time we started from Rogers trough and made it to the ruins. With the threat of rain, I wanted to minimize the risk of get stuck on a dirt road, so I choose the Miles TH to do circlestone this time. The road to the Miles TH has been scraped recently. It's so smooth now that a passenger car would have no problems driving if it's dry.

We started hiking by 8:40am. West Pinto trail had no surprises. We did miss a cairn and would up in the creek bed for a short jaunt. Then we took the Champaign trail.
The first 2~3 miles was pretty good, then we hit the catsclaw overgrowth. We were able to plow through it without slowing down to much. The Champaign trail is very steep and never gives up until you hit the saddle of the Pinto Peak. The trail then descends down until you hit the Champaign creek. Some of the creek crossing are challenging due to the overgrowth, but once you find the trail, your OK. Then we hit the Fireline trail. This trail is another never ending climb. Even through the temps were from the high 30s to the low 60s we were sweating like pigs with all this climbing. I had the circlestone turnoff point in my GPS. When we were about 500 feet from it, there was a numerous cairns on the trail. It almost seemed like someone put them up to mislead people where the turnoff was. As we approached the turnoff ,we saw the circlestone cairn and the path leading up to it. The path was clear as black and white. The path is very easy to see if your coming from the east. The trail to circlestone was the best trail of the entire day. When we reached circlestone, the wind picked and the temps dropped. We didn't spend to much time up there because we were worried about the rain that never came. The winds did increase the visibility dramatically. I saw able to see four peaks, the ridgeline and the weavers needle. We had hiked 10 miles to get there and had to hike 10 miles back to the car. We made it back to the car by 6:30pm. There was a full moon that helped light up the trail. This was a tough hike, it was 20 miles with 5300 feet elevation gain, but I like the views best on this route to circlestone.
"Everywhere is walking distance...If you have the time"
-Stephen Wright
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