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Trans-Supes Spectacle, AZ
mini location map2007-11-05
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Trans-Supes Spectacle, AZ 
Trans-Supes Spectacle, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 05 2007
Backpack50.00 Miles
Backpack50.00 Miles3 Days   4 Hrs      
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Day 1: Mike and I find ourselves freezing in the bed of a Nissan pick-up speeding up the US 60 towards the Miles Trailhead. TahoeMike, DesertTarheel, agendron, and our chauffer Mark are all cozy inside. We meet up with Kurt, Dave, Sally, Bonnie, nonot, Stiller, and Wally at the trailhead a little late and we are anxious to be on our way.
The hike up West Pinto trail was super easy. At the junction with the Campaign Trail we met some people from Colorado doing a 7 day backpack. Toppers! From there is was a fun uphill jaunt that got the juices flowing. Just when we thought we were done climbing, we hit the Fireline Trail and climbed some more! This time we got to bushwhack too! Aw yes, we're in the Supes. Mike and I decided that we had had enough and we passed on the Circlestone ruin. We got to Reavis Ranch and set up camp. Everyone trickled in a little later and soon a fire was blazin', dinners and adult beverages consumed, and tons of laughter.

Day 2: After a chilly night with no weird noises or voices (except Stiller) we were ready to head to Dripping Springs. Stiller, Wally, agendron and myself decided to head down Frog Tanks Trail, because....well, because we're too cool for the Reavis Trail. The Frog Tanks Trail was in much better shape than all of the doom-and-gloom descriptions we had been given. The trail is wide open at the upper end, and even as it descends into the canyon the catclaw is not that bad. Agendron and myself decide to head down Fish Creek to gather intel on the springs for Kurt. Things are looking good so we filter some water for ourselves. Wally and Stiller abandon us. Agendron and I fly down the trail catching Stiller just before Angel Basin. It is now about 3 pm. I tell agendron that a trip to the cliff dwellings will have to wait till another day. After a short break, the 3 of us head down the Rogers Canyon Trail and get shredded by catclaw. High up towards Tortilla Pass the catclaw relents. It's about 4:20 pm when agendron and I get to Tortilla Pass. We wait for Stiller and inform him that we are going to his car at Woodbury Trailhead to get some water. I can't believe how much water I am drinking. Since it is now just about 5 pm, I fly down the JF Trail reaching Randolph Canyon in record time. There, on a century stalk laid across the trail is note stating that everyone should head to Woodbury Trailhead. Crap! Who got hurt? Agendron and I take a short break and then cruise to Woodbury Trailhead, getting there shortly after dark. It turns out that everyone had a long day, so Dripping Springs is out of the question. We all raid the water in Stiller's car, and I even manage to snag a Coke from his cooler as well. Aaahhh....Coke!!! We are all beat and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Which is denied us by the typhoon that decided to descend upon the trailhead. I think that I may have got 2 hours of sleep. On a side note: Mike's tarptent that he made me stood up to the wind all night. We are talking constant 40 mph gusts here! That's quality! Buy one!

Day 3: Yippee Skippee! A longer day than originally planned and no sleep. Sounds like the beginning of an awesome day! We plan to head to Dripping Springs to retrieve some food caches. From there we were going to dayhike to Reeds Water to get water. Luckily, there was a small, clear pool in Fraser Canyon. We all filled up there and then we took a long break at Dripping Springs. Time for the trail I've been dreading...Red Tanks Trail! (que evil sounding music now.) The pain felt while trudging up the Red Tanks Divide was easily eclipsed by the constant clawing, ripping, and shredding of the catclaw. Mike and I were pushing through it as fast as we could, but the heat was also starting to take it's toll as well. We arrived at La Barge Spring to find Wally waiting for us. He had left the previous night with Stiller to take care of some stuff at home, and then came back in via the Dutchman's Trail at First Water Trailhead. At La Barge, I didn't move for a long time. I ate about 10 tons of food during the course of the night. We all turned in relatively early due to the previous nights lack of sleep.

Day 4: Around 7:30 am I wake to find that everyone is just about packed up and ready to go. Mike had been on the trail for almost an hour! Mutiny! I see how it is! I packed up quickly, filled up at La Barge Spring and was the last to hit the trail. Despite the tenderness of my feet, I feel really good and I start pounding out the miles. Before long I have caught up to the group and the miles start to go by unnoticed. The heat is becoming an issue once again and we are all feeling it. Bonnie and I end up hiking the last 2 miles together...and by "hiking" I mean "running". That girl is fast! But we sure did get to First Water faster! We all huddle in some shade near the signs at the trailhead, and more time is spent laughing, eating and drinking (water). After a few hours we are all accounted for and it's off to Tres Banderos for heaping amounts of Mexican food!

This was a fantastic, challenging trip! Thanks to everyone who came along and to those who made our shuttle easier! It was great seeing your guys again, and meeting some of you for the first time. Hopefully this trip didn't scare any of you off from hiking the Supes again!
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