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Jacks Canyon (Moenkopi)
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Jacks Canyon (Moenkopi)Payson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Climbing avatar Dec 02 2007
Climbing1.00 Miles
Climbing1.00 Miles
Lead I G  • Sport • 5.11a Limestone Excellent
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On Saturday, James, Liz and myself drove in the pouring rain up to Jacks Canyon. This canyon is located about 30 miles south of Winslow on the west side of the Beeline.
It was pretty much done raining by the time we arrived around 4:30 pm. The road back to the canyon was a mud-fest and was ridiculously fun to drive. We set up camp, and since it was too windy to have a fire, we set up a huge tarp as a wind shelter and cooked our dinner and hung out. After hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps, it was time for bed. It was COLD!
On Sunday morning my friends Clint and Isabel met up with us just as we finished the burnt omelets I made for breakfast. Soon we were packed up and were ready for a day of climbing in the canyon. Liz started off by leading Jack Pot (5.8 ) and I lead Jack Frost (5.9) right next to her. At the top of these climbs there is a decent ledge. I decided that this would be a good place to propose to Liz, and with a "yes" she became my fiance.
After the excitement died down I was ready for another climb. I moved down the Cracker Jack Cliffs to find a climb I hadn't done before. Riding a high, I sent Jack's Back (5.11a) without falling and I was pleased. Then I climbed another "new to me" route called Jack Splat (5.10b) also without falling. These routes were awesome!
After everyone had their turn on these routes and some others, we moved over to the Main Wall. I lead Windchill (5.10a) which I had eyeballed on my last trip. This was a great route and I got it without falling. I was on a roll! Then James started checking out a route called Bats in the Belfry (5.11a/b). This is an over-hanging route with lots of big pockets. It looked doable so James jumped on and made it look easy. Now the pressure was on! I got on it and was stumped on what to do at the 2nd bolt. I was hanging out for far too long and my forearms were getting pumped. Finally I got past that section but ended up hanging at the 4th bolt. I looked up to see the anchors were about 3 moves away! Dang it! I'll get it next time for sure.
After these climbs hunger was getting the best of us. Liz and I joined our friends for Mexican food in Payson and celebrated our new engagement over some margaritas, cervezas, and of course, carne asada burritos!
What a memorable weekend! I got engaged and I climbed really well. Maybe I should do this "getting engaged" thing more often! Just kidding! I'm happy where I'm at now.
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