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E Table Mesa Fort, AZ
mini location map2017-01-14
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E Table Mesa fort, AZ 
E Table Mesa fort, AZ
Hiking2.00 Miles
Hiking2.00 Miles
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Short or long hike (dep on how far you drive) to a ruin I am calling "E Table Mesa fort". There are several forts east and west of 17 near table mesa road, this one is probably the closest to Table Mesa itself (hence the name). The ruin is directly SE of table mesa itself and isn't the one in "ruins seldom seen." As far as I know there are no actual ruins on table mesa itself; has anyone tried to verify that in person?

[note: this is on state trust land = get your permit if you don't have one already]
To access this ruin, unless you have access to the TT Ranch (which you probably don't) the recommended access isn't Table Mesa rd but rather New River (New River rd, then 27th north, then north on dirt roads OR hike the second you hit dirt to extend a few miles...I parked here: 33°57'25.9"N 112°06'51.0"W maybe a mile from the ruin or less (high clearance needed to get to this point in the road. I do NOT recommend driving right up to the ruin, both due to road condition and to minimize damage to artifacts on the road...potsherds are on the road near the ruin)
After parking I zig zagged to the top checking out washes and rock clusters for artifacts / glyphs along the way; not much to find until near the top fort area (per usual).

Worth checking out for the nice views of Tonto forest to the NE, and valley to the south, along with some decent ruin walls and pot sherds. Also saw a deer which was a first for me in this area (not counting droppings).

happy hiking / leave no trace
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