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The Box at Castle Creek, AZ
mini location map2017-03-11
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The Box at Castle Creek, AZ 
The Box at Castle Creek, AZ
4x4 Trip20.00 Miles
4x4 Trip20.00 Miles   4 Hrs      5.00 mph
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This is a great 4wd Jeep/ATV ride or long hike with lots of options for hikes along the way...the is one of many box canyons in the area, but is the only "the box" on castle creek.

Besides the fun and relatively easy path along the creek bed, that is in a very scenic canyon, there are several fun side canyon hikes & opportunities to visit mining sites like copperopolis, the bradshaw grave, etc (turns out someone already did this exact 3 stop hike... [ photoset ] ). We did not get to all of these side treks as we spent a lot of time relaxing in "The Box" which was shaded, scenic, and had a nice waterfall slide that the kids enjoyed. Also at the box I saw an area that I thought would have made a nice indian dwelling area...apparently the natives agreed as we saw several very large/deep grinding holes at the site. There are also many natural cavates in the area and springs. The topo map lists a site called "double trough spring" just north of the box, however there are now 3 springs (3 generations of concrete, another metal, the third plastic).

I will geotag a few pics, otherwise here are general directions (heading north from phoenix area)...
1- Put Walker Gulch into your GPS: 34.025592, -112.425985 (google maps will also take you to this's north west of lake pleasant along castle hot springs road).
2- Head north west up the creek bed until you dead end at the box
side hikes we took:
-parking at: 34.049426, -112.464197 we hiked north (whipsaw creek &/or copperopolis creek) towards copperopolis mining site, but did not go all of the way
-We also hiked upstream from the box for a mile or so to the spring and beyond

Disclaimers: This drive/hike crosses or follow IN castle creek bed for much of the way and may therefore not be passable at all times of year. Based on side hikes, there are patches of quicksand that put my shoes at risk a few times...the Jeep did just fine but the lockers and 4wd probably helped, as did the constant forward momentum (sometimes too much of it...but it was fun to go fast enough have water spray over us...especially drenching the kids in back seat).
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