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Oatman Massacre / Fourr Cemetery
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mini location map2017-01-15
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Oatman Massacre / Fourr CemeterySouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 15 2017
Hiking4.38 Miles 269 AEG
Hiking4.38 Miles   2 Hrs   11 Mns   2.04 mph
269 ft AEG      2 Mns Break
1st trip
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Day 2 – Hike 3 (Gila Bend / Painted Rock Adventure)
Exhausted but with still many hours left in the day, I consulted with HAZ for other hikes/points of interest in the area and noticed that the Oatman Massacre / Fourr Cemetery were a very short drive down the road and in the direction I was heading, so it made a perfect finish to my day and was also nice learning about some Arizona history. Kudos to kingsnake ( [ triplog ] ) for clarifying the points of interests, of which there are three, all very near each other but in distinct locations: Fourr Cemetery, Oatman Memorial, and Oatman Massacre Site.

The drive in [and out] was a bit of an adventure getting around the private property, but luckily nothing too complicated. There was what appeared to be private property signs at the beginning of S. Oatman Rd, [right where Rocky Point Road makes a 90 degree turn from West to North], so after turning my vehicle around, I opted for a different way in by heading South an unnamed dirt road that skirts the farmland and joins up with S. Oatman Rd. further down.

There’s really no hiking needed to see the Fourr Cemetery; but for the Oatman Memorial and Oatman Massacre Site, I decided to park in an enormous wash by Oatman Flat. I actually drove in the wash for about 1/5th of a mile but didn’t want to risk potentially having to do lots of backing up in the event I encountered deep ruts or sand. It was neat to be able to do a little ‘off-roading’ in my Forester. A word of caution to those with jeeps/trucks: these vehicles are more than capable of driving down the wash, [which has tire tracks running everywhere], but heading in the direction of the Memorial is an area with downed barbed wire fence running across the wash [and no way around it].

After visiting the Memorial and Massacre sites, I decided to take a slightly different way back to my vehicle by staying along the Western side of the wash / Oatman Flat. It was exceptionally beautiful and really fun hiking on/over the soft whitish sand dunes in the wash. The vegetation in the wash was also really impressive… it’s not often I encounter pines trees within a desert area of AZ; yet despite being under 600’ in elevation and surrounded by desert, it was pretty neat to be able to see full grown pine trees and other vegetation you don’t normally see in the desert, within this wash.

When I returned to my vehicle, I decided to try a different route back out to Rocky Point Road by continuing North on S. Oatman road for as far as it would go. Eventually, [just before reaching Rocky Point Road], S. Oatman makes a 90 degree turn to the East. About 1/10th of a mile after turning East, I noticed an off-road shortcut through a wash that I figured would lead back out to Rocky Point Road. Seeing a rather deep rut at the bottom, I decided the shortcut was best saved for the jeeps/4x4’s… however, about 1/10th of a mile later, I encountered an even deeper rut on the otherwise excellent dirt road I was on. Not wanting to do tons of backtracking, I decided that my chance of clearing the ruts were better with the off-road option and decided to attempt it. The Forester once again performed like a MF’ing champ. I’ll bet I didn’t clear the rut ‘with flying colors’, but I cleared it without even lightly brushing the bottom, which was good enough for me. After the rut, the short rest of the way out to Rocky Point Road was a breeze. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of how the off-road shortcut joins up with Rocky Point Road right at the ‘Primitive Road’ warning sign, [intended of course for those driving on Rocky Point Road].
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