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Rucker Canyon Trail #222
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mini location map2017-04-08
31 by photographer avatartrekkintoo
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Rucker Canyon Trail #222Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 08 2017
Hiking4.12 Miles 4,876 AEG
Hiking4.12 Miles
4,876 ft AEG
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we spent the weekend camping & hiking in rucker canyon. a very remote area but highly worth the drive if you love az history and solitude. We got to the campsite at the farthest end of rucker canyon in the chiricahuas with the exception of one other camper we had the place to ourselves. there was a battle that happened here between the apache chief Cochise & his 100 warriors against the us army that trailed them into this canyon in 1869 in the battle of the rocky mesa. How 32 soldiers got the medal of valor on that one cold rainy in end of october is questionable but several of them did perish there. Camp rucker was established not too much longer after that below that mesa to supply the army and their native scouts that were looking for geronimo and his renegade indians. The story of how Lt Rucker jumped in the flooded wash to try and save his comrade and how they both ended up drowning in 1870's is def a story that shouldnt be forgotten in Az history. to sum it up,it was a great weekend getn some hiking up in bear canyon and exploring old camp rucker, rucker canyon-another lil gem of southeastern az!
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