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1910/Ochoa, AZ
mini location map2017-04-23
16 by photographer avatarJasonCleghorn
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1910/Ochoa, AZ 
1910/Ochoa, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 23 2017
Hiking7.53 Miles 862 AEG
Hiking7.53 Miles   3 Hrs   2 Mns   2.61 mph
862 ft AEG      9 Mns Break
1st trip
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Wowza. 1910 is one of the toughest, crumbliest, easy mountains that I've ever climbed. It's the worst, nastiest grus you've seen. There is very little palo verde or rocks to hold onto. It was a fun one.

And then the real fun began...

If you're gonna hike in 'Zona
You're gonna have to get used to snakes
You may not see 'em but you'll hear the sound they make
They don't want to hurt you
But they will give a little shake
If you're gonna hike in 'Zona
You better get use to snakes.

I left 1910 and instead of walking down the powerline corridor, decided to just take the shortest directest route. About half way between 1910 and Ochoa, I spotted about a 3 foot long western diamondback. It was just stretched out. It had ZERO interest in me. In fact, I thought it actually might be dead but wondered if rigor would allow it to be stretched out like it was. It barely even acknowledged my presence as I was standing literally about 5 feet away from it.

Now...every stick is a snake. I left him be and made my way on through the buffel grass and started the MUCH easier Ochoa summit. I quickly gained the summit and headed down.

Only to get the loudest, closest buzz that I've ever gotten from a rattlesnake. I couldn't have been more than a couple feet away. I did the oh :pk: a snake, flying leap and after about 20 feet, froze. Eventually I spotted enough movement to see him. It was I believe, now a Tiger Rattlesnake. Small head and the bands.

The western was almost yellow, living down in the flat buffel grass area.


The rest of the hike was completely uneventful.

A great day.
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Named place
Pyramid Peak
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