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Ruta Vertigo - Monterrey, MX
mini location map2017-05-27
13 by photographer avatarsuzaz
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Ruta Vertigo - Monterrey, MX 
Ruta Vertigo - Monterrey, MX
Climbing8.00 Miles 1,000 AEG
Climbing8.00 Miles
1,000 ft AEG
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1st trip
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We planned this trip to Monterrey about 4 months in advance. The cheapest way to put it together was to drive to the Tijuana airport and park on the US side in San Diego. We purchased flights on Volaris for about 160-180.00 round trip and took a redeye flight. After discussing the trip with many guide companies we settled with Geo Aventura. We feel that we hit the jackpot with this company, our guides, gear, photos, private cabin with pillows!! and running water, local chefs cooking 3 meals a day, unlimited bottled water, beer, wine and all that was included in our package deal for just over 300.00!
It was such a rare treat to have a bed to sleep in after a long day of adventuring and the hot shower was out of this world! We never go on trip where others do all of the cooking for us and carry all of the gear so it really was an adventure heaven in paradise. We had some other friends doing the exact same trip in a slightly different order with longer days and a different guide company. We heard they were not living in luxury and had what was close to a real feces show because of the guide company they selected in order to save about 40 bucks a person. We hope to make a return trip soon, it was that good!

Day 1 Redeye flight, Ruta Vertigo and travel to the remote community of Potrero Redondo.
Day 2 Matacanes Canyon
Day 3 Chipitin (with a horseback ride out and back to our private cabin)
Day 4 Hydrophobia (I had to sit out due to an itsy bitsy injury)
Day 5 Travel back to Monterrey and stay at an airport hotel
Day 6 Fly to San Diego & Drive home (call the sheriff to un-report myself as a missing person--long story)

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