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Running Eagle Falls Nature Trail
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mini location map2018-07-25
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Running Eagle Falls Nature TrailNorth Central, MT
North Central, MT
Hiking avatar Jul 25 2018
Hiking0.68 Miles 36 AEG
Hiking0.68 Miles
36 ft AEG
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Day Two started out with the best breakfast EVER! Huckleberry Bread-Pudding Cinnamon French Toast :y: with huckleberry syrup and bacon. If I ever have a last meal, that would be my request.
Next, to pay the Izaak Walton Inn bill where I got an additional 10% off via my Glacier Conservancy coupons which I would forget to use the rest of the trip ](*,) . I also explained to the morning desk staff about the fiasco with the bear spray and that the afternoon desk staff were a little on the rude side.

So it was off to Two Medicine to pick up our permit. It was in another person's name but all the ranger wants is the permit number and your credit card for the $40 balance. And then you have to watch the video about hiking in Glacier Park. I know we learned something new but I forgot already. I do have a question though, I wonder how the bears feel about us putting up the party lights? I thot it would make me instant bear bait :lol: so I decided not to display them. Oh, we gave my bear spray for the ranger to give to someone as I wasn't going to ship it back since I wouldn't be home to collect it in a timely manner.

As long as we were here and had time to kill, we went down to the lake. It's so beautiful. Next we went to the Two Medicine store to pick up a sandwich and chips to split for our little hike at Running Eagle Falls (Trick Falls) Trail that we had last hiked in 2011. We loaded up our lunch and headed out on this short trail to the creek and falls. This time, there was a bridge to get across the creek where in 2011, the water was running higher and there was no bridge. And this time, no trick either; first time I've seen only the lower falls flowing. It's still a pretty falls and I took the requisite pictures and video. There were a couple fly fishers below the falls so that was kind of cool.

We walked back past the bridge and up the creek a bit to have our lunch on the Dry Fork that flows into Two Medicine Creek. We realized we didn't have bear spray with us but we felt there was enough human activity around that we would be good. We watched a sandpiper across the way on the rocks in the creek as he walked around. It was a nice start to our time in Glacier National Park.

We headed back to Brownies Hostel in E Glacier, not where I thot it was. While they are noted for their bakery, the hostel not so much altho thru-hikers seem to use it a lot. I later realized I thot I was booking the Backpackers Inn which is what I would do next time. And now it was time to sort through all of the things we had and what to bring for our four-day backpack.

Next we took a walk about 1/2 mile to the East Glacier Park Lodge to check out the garden and have a cocktail. I was surprised how unkempt the garden was, full of tall grass. As we progressed further you could see they had been attacking this grass problem. They did have record snowfall (6.5 feet in Feb. alone, a record and a total 284 inches of snow since fall 2017, their second snowiest season-to-date) but I'm not sure if that was the reason why for the tall grass invasion. Anyway, they still had some fabulous flora but not to the level I've seen previously.

It was Christmas in July at the hotel so that was a bit weird. We walked around the lobby and eventually made our way to the Empire Lounge. I ordered a huckleberry mimosa and I'm not sure what Wendy had. We took our drinks out to the back veranda to enjoy the beauty of the southern mountains of Glacier National Park. Wendy got her peakfinder app out and it works wonderfully in identifying the peaks we were looking at. The peakfinder app would be all the rage everywhere we went with other people.

Finally it was time for dinner at the Whistle Stop Cafe right next to Brownies Hostel. After going thru more of a window than a door we sat outside at one of the picnic tables that you have to share. I ordered some ribs that were pretty tasty and a beer I never got. As we were half-way through, it hit. Hail yes! so inside we all dashed carrying our food. We were lucky there was a side table we could sit at and try to finish our food. It hailed and rained so much the roof above the cash register started leaking so out came the plastic cover. The owner was also dashing out to grab all the paper towel holders that served as napkins but I think he was too late. Anyway, I have pictures and video of this hailacious event. The hail stuck around for awhile and in fact, we would see some of it at our campsite the next day; that's how sticky it was.

Two Medicine/Running Eagle Falls [ youtube video ]
East Glacier Park Lodge and Garden, hail storm at Whistle Stop [ youtube video ]

Spotted Sandpiper
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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