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Mt Taylor 50k, NM
mini location map2018-09-29
20 by photographer avatarfricknaley
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Mt Taylor 50k, NM 
Mt Taylor 50k, NM
Run/Jog avatar Sep 29 2018
Run/Jog31.05 Miles 6,927 AEG
Run/Jog31.05 Miles   7 Hrs   47 Mns   4.09 mph
6,927 ft AEG      12 Mns Break6 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Finally got to the start line of a 50k trail race, albeit in far from ideal shape. :lol:

my late summer training regimen was marred with repeating hamstring and achilles issues that prevented me from running much and really crushed what little confidence i could muster. i did get in a few big late summer higher elevation hikes however, and i just decided those combined with years of big efforts, some bullheadedness, and a good race day attitude could hopefully carry me through. that and getting the weekend off took a little scheduling help that i really felt obliged to make the most of.

my running buddy Jen (and Steve) met me out in Grants, and she ran it too.

we had the best weather you could dream of. nice and sunny. forgiving breeze. temps from low 40's to low 70's. the aspen were ablaze throughout the course.

i basically hiked the ups to the best of my ability and ran everything else. my hamstring felt terrible the first 10 miles. it seemed to stabilize and maybe feel a little better the second 10 miles, then everything just took turns hurting the last 11 miles lol. the first climb up La Mosca at dawn was really outstanding, then the longish downhill actually had me feeling decent overall besides the hammy. i ran with a couple of very nice guys from albequerque. the pleasant chatter and outstanding scenery helped distract me from the hammy pain. the middle section was mostly alone, up and downs through the woods. this allowed for pretty good moving and this was probably the best i felt all day, much to my surprise. i passed through the middle aid station (where i planned to drop if my hamstring went totally sideways) feeling like i could actually pull this sucker off. caught up with one of the albequeruqe dudes towards the end of this stretch and shared a few more pleasant miles through the trees before the BIG final section

busted out my hiking poles for the big push up Mt Taylor starting at mile 21 and decided to just let er rip and see what happened. i may not be able to run worth a squat, but darn it, i know how the hike up mountains. i did manage to pass several people going up Mt Taylor and had the summit to myself for a few minutes. nice, breezy, cool and gorgeous up there! quick work down to the next aid station, then a 4 mile loop with a big descent and climb. this short loop was just picture perfect through the aspen, and though it was steep and getting painful, i did manage to move better than anticipated. Motored through the last aid with my sights set squarely on actually finishing this beast. 2 STEEP miles downhill were all that remained and i gave them everything i had left in me. bombed the last mile in and shocked myself finishing cleanly under 8 hours!

Jen crushed it like a boss, as she always does, and finished 3rd female masters division!

i cannot say enough about how wonderful of an event this was in every way. The course, the organization, the overall vibe. just top notch as could be. i also cannot believe i pulled this off with my dreadful lack of preparation and injured leg. that's what some good old determination and a good attitude can do for ya folks.

Couldn't be happier about the whole thing :y:
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