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Reavis Falls Hike
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mini location map2003-03-01
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Reavis Falls HikeGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 01 2003
Hiking11.00 Miles 2,010 AEG
Hiking11.00 Miles
2,010 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I awoke bright and early Saturday morning looking forward to our planned hike, Reavis Falls. Around 5:30 AM I was checking out and for new postings and messages. On HAZ, I noticed Lizard had posted a photo set of Reavis Falls, 2/28/03. There was one photo showing snow making me think it was a current photoset. The rest of his photo's gave the impression of no water at the falls. (Fortunately this couldn't have been farther from the truth) Disappointment came over me.

I soon departed to pick up Cactuscat, and told her what I saw on HAZ, as we headed for the Supes. We decided in lieu of doing the falls, we would depart from Tortilla Flat and hike the drainage up toward Peters Canyon, an off trail hike we have been wanting to do. Well we arrived at Tortilla Flat to find a large amount of water flowing across the road, with pools over our heads. Since this drainage was to be our trail for the day we had to abort the plan, it was a regular river of water. We took some photo's and decided to head up the road to Reavis Trailhead and do Reavis Falls. This was best hiking decision of our lives!!!!!

We departed the trailhead making our way to the spur trail that takes you to Reavis Falls. As we continued to climb on Reavis Trail 109 we soon found ourselves hiking in the clouds. It was kind of an eerie feeling, as you couldn't see anything around you. I told Kelly maybe this is Cloud 9. (It was). We followed the Reavis Trail 109 for exactly an hour when eagle eye Cactuscat spotted the spur trail. There is presently a cairn at the spur, but you must be paying attention.

We departed on the spur, made the climb up past the fence and gate to the saddle, then began the long steep decent to Reavis Creek, oblivious to the magnificent adventure and spectacular sights that lay ahead for us.
We soon found ourselves crossing a small gently flowing creek, giving us encouragement that there would definitely be water at Reavis Falls. We continued on and soon found ourselves paralleling a deep rugged drainage near Lime Mtn. Spring, that was roaring with water, utterly spectacular. As we continued on we made the final decent to Reavis Creek to find it flowing at an awesome level. We looked at each other knowing that we were going to see the falls at their best.

At the point to where we began to work our way up Reavis Creek toward the Falls, things became very mentally and physically challenging . Do to the creek being at flood stage it was not possible to follow the normal route to the Falls. It was necessary to cross the creek about half a dozen times on the way to the falls. On several occasions we thought we may not be able to make it because of the high water levels. Crossing the creek was a great mental exercise in itself and not for everyone. One misstep or slip and it would be serious if not fatal consequences at some of the areas we were forced to cross, others weren't bad.
With great determination and a will to conquer the challenge we eventually made it to the MOST SPECTACULAR SIGHT, we have seen in all our journeys so far, REAVIS FALLS flowing at peak capacity. (By this I mean we saw the falls flowing with the maximum amount of water possible coming off of them where it is still possible to access them. If Reavis Creek would have been flowing at a little higher level it would be impossible to get to the falls)

The falls were absolutely awesome, so much water was coming off that it had its own ecosystem going complete with rain and a strong self created wind. When we stood in front of the falls the wind was enough to knock you off balance and I had to hold my hat on my head. If you hiked up to where you were along side the face of the falls it was as calm as could be. We ate lunch, took photo's and hung out for quit some time, totally awestruck by what we were seeing and experiencing, knowing that very very few have ever seen the falls flowing at these levels.

We departed the falls and started making our way down Reavis Creek. We had made two creek crossings and low and behold we ran into to AzHiker96 on his way in. We waited for AzHiker96 at the trailhead then we all went to Tortilla Flat to celebrate. We all agreed that the high water levels made this hike the most mentally and physically demanding hikes we have done. We all felt very blessed that we chose to do this hike and were rewarded with the falls flowing at levels few ever see in their life time. This has to be one of the most spectacular and rare sights in the Sonoran Desert. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

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