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Reavis Ranch via 109 North
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mini location map2003-05-24
8 by photographer avatararizonaheat
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Reavis Ranch via 109 NorthGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar May 24 2003
Hiking28.00 Miles 2,040 AEG
Hiking28.00 Miles
2,040 ft AEG
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Reavis Ranch/Circlestone 5/24/25

Hoolie, GTG, Messami, Azhiker96, Deandra, Arizonaheat and Jmzblond did a group backpack to Reavis Ranch, with some taking a side trip to Circlestone. We attacked Reavis Ranch from both directions and all different departure times, in fear that if we all left at the same time it would be enough to scare the Superstition Wilderness out of the state of Arizona. Hoolie was first to depart, Friday morning, via the Woodbury Trailhead, distance to the ranch around 6 miles. He was followed by GTG and Messami, who had hoped to depart Friday afternoon but ended up hiking in under darkness Friday night. Azhiker96 and Deandra also departed Friday evening, but from the other end of things, the Reavis Ranch Trailhead. They hiked in approximately 4 to 4.5 miles before setting up for the night. Arizonaheat and Jmzblond, departed via the Reavis Trailhead, shortly after daybreak, Sat, distance to ranch approx 10 miles.

Hoolie arrived at the Ranch. pre-noon Friday, scoped out and selected a camp site, then invited every knat and flying insect in the State of Arizona to join him. It really wasn't that bad, but the knats were a definite nuisance.

GTG and Messami woke the dead Friday night on their hike in. As they passed the grave of Elijah Reavis and entered Grave Canyon, strange eerie things began to happen. I think it was the spirit of Elijah himself. It was definitely enough to put a scare into the two of them. They arrived at camp around 10:30 PM. They woke Hoolie , who got up and helped them set up camp. GTG says he now has a new logo for Azhikers ( a picture he took of Hoolie) GTG or Hoolie can explain if they want to.

Arizonaheat and Jmzblond, were greeted by four mule deer at the Reavis Trailhead. We headed up the trail making the long steady climb over Windy Pass to Plow Saddle. Elevation at the trailhead is around 3450 and the climb is steady to the top of Windy Pass, elevation 5150, then the descent takes you past the intersections to the Plow Saddle, Frog Tanks, and Reavis Gap trails, before arriving at Reavis Ranch elevation 4850. We were pleasantly surprised by a wide array of wildflowers and cacti that were in bloom along the way, it was truly gorgeous. There were also 100's of Funnel Spider, webs along the trail (see photo when I get them posted) The views going across Windy Pass are astounding .

We were able to make contact with Hoolie and GTG at Reavis Ranch, when we were about ¾ of a mile past Plow Saddle. We ran into Azhiker96 and Deandra about a mile from the Ranch. As Jmzblond and I entered the apple orchard at the Ranch we spooked up a couple of White Tail deer. It was a very good day for wildlife. Jmzblond got buzzed at by a rattler, but didn't stick around to get a look. Don't blame her! By the time we arrived at camp we were pretty well bushed.

We set up our camp, filtered some water, had some lunch, then being glutens for punishment we were persuaded to pursue Circlestone which was an additional 7 -8 miles of hiking. It is all up hill from Reavis Ranch, elevation 4850 to Circlestone elevation around Off we went, unfortunately no UFO's used the site for a landing while we were there so we could catch a ride back or get a cold beer out of the replicator on board.

We all departed camp a various times this morning, Jmzblond and I were on the trail first, around 6 and were back to the vehicle by 11. Azhiker96 and Deandra were going to hike part way out and spend the night. It was a great time despite the knats and other flying creatures. The temp this morning around 5 was 38. Everything at the Ranch is still very green and lush. This is one very scenic hike. The company was great despite the fact that we were all pooped. Oh I almost forgot on the way out we saw four more mule deer and one white tail.

Will try to get photos up soon,
Indian Paintbrush

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