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2466 Exploring, AZ
mini location map2019-04-06
12 by photographer avatarThirstyLizard
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2466 Exploring, AZ 
2466 Exploring, AZ
4x4 Trip avatar Apr 06 2019
4x4 Trip12.00 Miles
4x4 Trip12.00 Miles   8 Hrs      1.50 mph
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It was a stop and go journey on our way to Mineral Creek... Too much out the window to ignore as we scrambled along this "chunky" road. Fortunately for us, not only was our driver very skilled at navigating the scramble of this road, but also scramble off this road and found some wildlife worthy spots for numerous lizards, snakes and even a shrew.

We were enough "ok" until we hit a climb just past Rawhide Canyon. Then we hit what I am naming Hell to the No Hill. This upward stretch shows the wear and tear of climbing vehicles and frankly I am not sure why anyone in a standard 4x4 (we were in an FJ) would want to attempt it.

After starting up the "Hell to the No Hill" we knew this was not worth the attempt and our driver negotiated into the only space for a possible bailout. We parked there and walked the road to the top and then walked the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang easy flat road looking for whatever presented itself and only viewed what would have been the final six miles to the destination.

After negotiating the FJ back down, we explored Rawhide Canyon with great enjoyment--hiking and finding a handful of canyon tree frogs and other wildlife, including track of various kind.

This is a gorgeous area and really any of the canyons would be exceptional exploring. Thanks to @CannondaleKid for his help in planning our outing.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Moderate
enough to be happy about and not the craziness of a super bloom. plenty of variety from deer vetch, larkspur, paintbrush, wallflower, hedgehog, mountain penstemon, mallow, manzanita
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