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First Water Trailhead to Boulder Canyon Trail, AZ
mini location map2019-01-26
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First Water Trailhead to Boulder Canyon Trail, AZ 
First Water Trailhead to Boulder Canyon Trail, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 26 2019
Hiking8.10 Miles 1,061 AEG
Hiking8.10 Miles   4 Hrs   33 Mns   1.93 mph
1,061 ft AEG      21 Mns Break
1st trip
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Shuttle & Gaggle hike format for this lovely outing... Since I had hiked both ends of this route, I felt a need for connection, so I decided to put this out to some friends as a shuttle hike. Ended up with nine hikers which would have made a nice key swap hike, but after advertising the Canyon Lake Marina Grill as the end of trail, it made sense to shuttle hike from the First Water Trailhead to Boulder Canyon Trailhead. Four cars involved, meeting at the Marina, we shuttled nine hikers down to FW Trailhead and were hiking by 8am.

The “Gaggle” spread out as gaggles do with various speeds, wardrobe adjustments, photography needs and conversations dictate. No wildlife and very limited wildflowers on this end of the trail—just the smell of morning campfire smoke from the many Boy Scout camps along this stretch.

Rock lifts (and replace) garnered two scorpion finds but not much else. A stop at the Indian Paint Mine for snacks and talk of Wilderness hiking protocol for some newbies in the group... let’s call it the “Cairns and Concerns” speech.

Encountered many more hikers on this side given the lateness of the morning and the out and backs from the Boulder Canyon Trailhead. Wildflowers while not abundant, were much more present here. Side-blotched lizards sunning as well.

I try not to rush the end of a hike and today was no exception. I even got to see an amazing Saguaro that somehow others walked past.

As for my mileage, as you will see there’s a lot of time at miles 8 & 9 which accurately describes my time and place ending at the Canyon Lake Marina Grill up until I realized Route Scout was still doing what I asked it to do. Even my start point includes some driving to the TH. Sometimes being a hike leader has its distractions.

After lunch, the remaining two cars took us to fetch the starter vehicles left at FW Trailhead. I don’t always gaggle hike, but when I do, these friends always make it a good time!
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
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