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Point Beach Segment - Ice Age Trail
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mini location map2019-06-13
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Point Beach Segment - Ice Age TrailNortheastern, WI
Northeastern, WI
Hiking avatar Jun 13 2019
Hiking11.93 Miles 261 AEG
Hiking11.93 Miles   4 Hrs   18 Mns   2.77 mph
261 ft AEG
1st trip
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This is the fifth straight year I’ve hiked the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin.

Not the whole thing, mind: The Ice Age Trail curls 1,200 miles from St. Croix Falls to Door County. Roughly half of the trail is paved, the rest is actual trail (some single track, some multi-use).

Since my wife and I base out of Sheboygan County — currently at the excellent Inn on Hillwind — I’ve been hiking the unpaved parts of the Ice Age Trail nearest Plymouth: Glenbeulah to Parnell Tower (2015), Parnell Tower to Crooked Lake (2016), Crooked Lake to New Fane (2017) and New Fane to Kewaskum (2018). 📆

I have no interest in hiking paved ‘trail’. Neither to do I want to drive nearly to Minnesota to hike on dirt. So, this year, I turned north, to hike the Point Beach Segment of the Ice Age Trail from Two Rivers, past the Rawley Point Lighthouse, to Lake Shore Road — about 10 miles. (My hikes are usually ~10% more than the official distance due to wandering back & forth taking pictures.)

I added the [ Point Beach Segment - Ice Age Trail ] Guide a few days ago, so a lot of what would be in my triplog is there.

At 0.5 miles, there is a creek crossing. Depending on tide, you may be able to jump across it, or have to wade through the calf-deep water. I was there about midway between high & low tide. I didn’t want to get my wet feet so early in the day, so I dragged a an old log over, then flopped it across as an ad hoc bridge. Most people turned around and headed back to Neshotah Park, as there were few tracks north of the creek. 👣

Molash Creek is significantly larger than the one I logrolled. The mouth of Molash Creek is another ½ mile north, if you want to test your fording abilities.

Though I had generated a good route using Haz's mapping tools, at Viceroy Rd., there were some good Point Beach Segment trail maps available at a 📪-like thingy. Crossing the wide wooden bridge, I noticed a bench — there are many along the Ice Age Trail’s Point Beach Segment — half buried in Molash Creek’s bank, being reclaimed by the bayou. If I’d had a hiking partner to take my picture, I would have waded through the much to sit on it. 😁

There were two un-boardwalked bayous I had to work my way over / around. Despite several days of rain, the trail was otherwise in decent condition.

My wife met me at Rawley Point Lighthouse, where I topped up my water bottle. (I don't take gear when I fly to a hike.) I didn’t expect to ab able to go to the top of the lighthouse — though that I would have rocked! — but not to be able to get close to it was a bummer. 😕

North of the Red Pine lot, Despite all the Ice Age Trail signs, I managed to get off track twice, doubling back the first time, then saying “🔩 it” and continuing on the second, until the snowmobile trail eventually recrossed the Point Beach Segment. It was the same distance either way.

As my Boy Scout troop discovered hiking the Ice Age Trail from Glenbeulah in November, 1972, it’s not a good idea to be in the woods during deer season. If it isn’t deer season, and you hear gunfire between Red Pine and County Highway V, that is a skeet club a half mile west of the trail. 🦌

After my wife picked me up on Lake Shore Rd., we doubled back to Two Rivers for a late lunch / early dinner. Linner? Dunch? Besides trying to hike every where I travel, I also like to try new restaurants, and today’s choice was Kurtz’s Pub & Deli. We quickly got a bowl of plain potato chips with Kurtz’s equivalent of Horsey Sauce, which was a tasty difference from nachos. The Homemade Buffalo Chicken Dip was hot & yummy. The Brat Reuben was okay, nothing wonderful. The service was AWESOME! Being a German place, Kurtz’s has a great selection of Deutsch brau: I made sure to properly rehydrate with three of them. 🍻

Hike Video: [ youtube video ]
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Lake Michigan IL Neshotah Park
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Neither many species, nor many flowers. However, despite the chill & breeze, the flowers were in full bloom -- unlike Arizona where it takes until mid-morning before flowers even begin opening up.

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Are you kidding me? It's Wisconsin: More water than you can shake a Camelbak at!
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