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Glenns Lake to Pyramid Falls, MT
mini location map2019-07-10
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Glenns Lake to Pyramid Falls, MT 
Glenns Lake to Pyramid Falls, MT
Hiking avatar Jul 10 2019
Hiking4.43 Miles 957 AEG
Hiking4.43 Miles   4 Hrs   14 Mns   1.35 mph
957 ft AEG      57 Mns Break
1st trip
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July 10th, Day Four of Six: Goal Margaret Lake, one of Joe Cosley's other girlfriends. Sadly, she will have to be a ghost for me. After a nice breakfast and checking out an alternate campsite that we decided not to take (and visiting with the folks leaving who had done the Stoney Indian Pass the afternoon before and also saw the moose run thru the Food Prep area), we headed up on the Stoney Indian Pass Trail. Shortly we ran into an elderly couple who said they frequently come out here for multi-nite stays (like ten days) and stash food back at other campsites, not sure why the topic came up. In a short while you reach the junction with Mokowanis Lake Trail. There is also a campsite here; one that you take only if nothing else is available in the area as it's just stuck in the woods... not that being stuck in the woods of Glacier Park is a bad thing but when your other choices are lakes; well you get the picture.

We headed south on this very nice trail once again going thru fluffy stands of Beargrass and over a couple bridges at the head of Glenns Lake. White Quiver Falls, though a cool name is not really a falls so I'm wondering if it isn't further up and we're just at the bottom of it. I only found this one picture on the internet: I'm not quite sure how one would get there either.
After leaving Pyramid Creek you enter into some more open areas before transitioning back into the forest. The flowers were out enmasse again; such a joy to see. As we got closer to Mokowanis Lake, Tina started looking for a side trail that is hard to find if you don't know that it's there. We more or less did a little bushwhack over to this shelf that sits just above the east edge of Mokowanis Lake. We hung out here for about 15 minutes. The surroundings are beyond spectacular :worthy:

Next we start our mission to get to the un-named Falls: Many of the relative few who see this waterfall, including the back-country rangers, swear that it is the best one in the park. I think most people address it as Pyramid Creek Falls. It spills out of Margaret Lake which many claim to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the Park: ... ful/842571 I see from the World Waterfall Database that Pyramid Falls is the adopted name of the Falls. It is 320 feet tall.
Meanwhile here at Mokowanis Lake we stopped to check out the Food Prep area. Being right next to the lake, it has an awesome view. A little further past is the privy which is an open area up a steep hill with a toilet at the top. That would be a tough haul at nite. Also, this is the end of the line so you're pretty isolated here at Mokowanis Backcountry Campsite. We saw a deer eating in one of the two campsites.

A little past here a bit of a trail continues. The foilage is very tall and thick. We looked over to our left and saw a big moose in the distance. He stopped what he was doing and watched us intently. It was pretty windy so I'm not sure how the scent thing was working. After performing our paparazzi duties we continued on going thru the forest now. We got to hike right next to the gently flowing Pyramid Creek which was pretty cool before getting our first good view of a tall cascade. We continued and Tina let me take the lead up a little hill because at the top your reaction is :y:. She said her reaction was similar.

From here you stay pretty close to the Creek as you hike up by this huge cascade and then when you get to the top of that, the red rock of the Grinnell formation that runs below the water is at your feet. The sound from the water is quite loud here. You can feel the power under your feet as the water seems like it's rushing right for you. And of course, now you're very close to the bottom of the waterfall which really looks like two waterfalls in one. In some areas the water comes down in a spray and other areas it rushes down so fast.

You continue your hike up by the creek until an opening to the left presents itself. There is some residual water flowing here as you wind around and up thru the terrain. We came to an area where we couldn't see where to go and once we figured out where we needed to go, we were concerned about the steepness and wetness. Tina wasn't sure as to what was beyond and also due to her recent and still-healing injury, we opted to turn around. I was very sad since we missed Helen too. Alas, we would only get to see one of Joe Cosley's girlfriend namesake lakes on this trip. It was beautiful what we did see and experience.

Just as we got back to the main creek, we encountered the couple that had been our camp mates at Elizabeth Lake Head. We wished them luck. On the way back down I found a little side trail that took us over to the triple cut of the cascades. That was pretty cool. We continued our way back down to Mokowanis Lake and back to the shelf we had been on earlier. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and then a wonderful hike back to Glenns Lake. The flowers had opened up some more but the weather was a little ominous for awhile. I also spotted another rock outcropping or upheaval that we walked to its end. It was an unusual part of topography for this area it seemed. We enjoyed our hike via more beargrass and arrived at camp with plenty of time to sit at our beach before dinner.

Our campmates showed up a little later to tell us of their unsuccessful mission to summit Cathedral Peak. Apparently the beta was not quite accurate. Tomorrow they would be summiting Pyramid before joining us at Cosley Lake Campsite. There was another couple that came in for the nite. That was an interesting relationship similar to a couple we encountered at Elizabeth Lake camp. She basically convinced him to leave living in his car to come on this backpacking trip with her. Apparently he is some sort of athlete that does quite well in his sport and requires some travel so he doesn't want to get tied down. Once again, it's been awhile so I don't remember the details. All I can say is one of the fun things about backcountry camping is visiting with the others at your site.

Part 1 to Pyramid Falls: [ youtube video ] to Mokowanis Lake Bench
Part 2 to Pyramid Falls: [ youtube video ] Bench to the Falls
Part 3 Pyramid Falls to Glenns Lake: [ youtube video ] to Mokowanis Lake
Part 4 Pyramid Falls to Glenns Lake: [ youtube video ] Mokowanis Lake to the campsite and around the campsite including the beach
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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