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Glenns Lake to Cosley Lake, MT
mini location map2019-07-11
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Glenns Lake to Cosley Lake, MT 
Glenns Lake to Cosley Lake, MT
Hiking avatar Jul 11 2019
Hiking4.27 Miles 581 AEG
Hiking4.27 Miles   2 Hrs   9 Mns   2.27 mph
581 ft AEG      16 Mns Break
1st trip
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July 11th, Day Five of Six: goal today was an easy one: Cosley Lake. I looked forward to it because I had seen so many pictures of being at the beach. It wouldn't take us long to get there but in this case, the destination is where we wanted to spend most of our time.

Our camp mates had left early again for their summit day of Pyramid Peak. They are an ambitious couple as they had already attempted the Cathedral Peak summit, Pyramid today and Kaina tomorrow. We, on the other hand, just took our time with a nice leisurely breakfast. We ended up talking to another couple that had been at the site and since they were Canadian, they covered the gambit with Tina about various Canadian things. Tina just became a Canadian citizen. However, they live in Calgary and in Houston as Tina's husband's office is there. It has been interesting hearing how Tina has to do a song and dance to buy from the USA via Canada.

Anyway, we slowly packed up our gear for our hop skip and jump to Cosley Lake campsite. The weather was pretty windy and our skies went from overcast to clear to overcast. The trail was nice of course and this time we were going down hill for the most part. I don't believe we encountered anyone along the way. We did stop at Glenns Lake foot so that I could get some pictures for this back country camping website: It includes reviews of back country sites in Glacier and various other National Parks including Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce etc. It was really windy at the foot of the lake and would continue for most of the day. That wind coming off the Rocky Mountains has been an issue during much of my life in Montana.

The trail opens up to some meadows and more forest with the mountains rising on your left. You walk through a pretty thick meadow as you make your way off the Stoney Indian Pass Trail to the campsite. There are two hanging bars at this site, one as you get closer to the lake and one at the food prep area. The campsites are all past the food prep area. We encountered two people here, father and daughter. He was a real trooper too as I think he was a fill in. Once again, they had a great story but I can't remember it ](*,) . Note to self, record fellow hiker/camper stories later.

I hung out at the food court while Tina picked us out a site. We didn't want to hang our food yet as we were going to have lunch but you can't just leave food bags unattended. Once she got set up, we swapped. We later had our lunch and then just basically hung out at the campsite the rest of the day until dinner time. It was windy and a bit cold so we couldn't spend as much time on the beach. We all got together for dinner including our former camp mates and a new couple from Portland I think. They were new to each other as well so that's like the fourth couple we met that just arbitrarily got together to go backpacking in GNP. Dave and Stacy showed us some pictures of their successful summit of Pyramid Peak; FABULOUS pictures. It was so fun to see those and hear their story. They do lead climbs for the Glacier Mountaineering Society.

As usual I tried to pawn off my extra food and booze. I was able to get the Portland couple to take my PackIt Gourmet Pumpkin Cheesecake as it was her birthday tomorrow; I hope it turned out good. But no one would help with the booze; go figure. After dinner we hung out at the beach and visited a bit more with Dave and Stacy. This was my last nite in Paradise, we all have our paradises, Glacier is mine. Before I went to bed I assessed my health and didn't realize all the bruises and mosquito bites my legs had attained and a huge bruise on my shoulder. None of it hurt but it wasn't pretty.

Here are some videos:
[ youtube video ] Glenns Lake to the west side of Cosley Lake
[ youtube video ] Cosley Lake
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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