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Weminuche Wilderness backpack, CO
mini location map2020-08-24
8 by photographer avatartoddak
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Weminuche Wilderness backpack, CO 
Weminuche Wilderness backpack, CO
Backpack avatar Aug 24 2020
Backpack100.00 Miles 20,000 AEG
Backpack100.00 Miles7 Days         
20,000 ft AEG
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1st trip
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7 days backpacking in the Weminuche Wilderness starting at the 30-mile and ending at the Ute Creek trailheads on Rio Grande Reservoir west of Creede. Pretty intense guided trip led by super-ultra-mega-hiker Andrew Skurka and aimed at developing / improving all aspects of thru-hiking skills (pre-trip planning, gear, map/compass/GPS off-trail navigation, weather, food, etc). The CDT anchored the route with multiple secondary trails and cross-county excursions.

Fantastic high-country scenery throughout with frequent wildlife sightings (moose, bighorn, large elk herds, pika, marmot, weasel). Rain/hail/thunderstorms on 5 of 7 days, unpleasant but it cleared the smoky/hazy air and provided good learning opportunities, and there was always at least a window of sunny skies to dry out. A highlight was climbing 13,205' Mt Nebo (class 2) with fantastic views of numerous 13- and 14-ers to the west.

Superb instruction, practical tips and confidence building activities in a great environment - highly recommended. Big day hikes will probably always be my preference, but this trip provided a good foundation for other options.
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