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Burro Peak via NOBO CDT NM06, NM
mini location map2020-10-13
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Burro Peak via NOBO CDT NM06, NM 
Burro Peak via NOBO CDT NM06, NM
Hiking avatar Oct 13 2020
Hiking10.00 Miles 2,374 AEG
Hiking10.00 Miles   4 Hrs   46 Mns   2.30 mph
2,374 ft AEG      25 Mns Break18 LBS Pack
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Tracey booked us a 8-day 7-night stay at an AirBnB in Piños Altos so it was up to me to come up with enough hikes to keep us busy for the duration. Although I had tracks and/or maps for thirteen hikes, ultimately we only hiked four of them. Once we realized how much of the Continental Divide Trail was easily accessible within a 10 mile radius of our AirBnB, four of our last five hikes would be solely on the CDT.
(During the fifth hike we will travel a short quarter-mile segment on the CDT.)

2020 New Mexico trip Hike #1 Continental Divide Trail Mile 116.5 to 121.3
For our first hike we decided to bag Burro Peak via the Continental Divide Trail from NM Highway 90. We started at roughly mile 116.5 of the CDT and would turn around at the summit of Burro Peak at roughly mile 121.3.

Note: I say roughly because some part of every CDT hike we do will be on new re-routes so all mile-points are approximate. Even though Tracey had the absolute latest CDT update on her Guthooks app, more than a few times the very obvious new track was not as shown on the app.

The first quarter-mile followed a fine sandy wash which gave way to a rocky climb for the next 2.5 miles before the first respite to cross a short saddle. But no rest for weary hips & knees, the next half-mile will be another rocky climb, only this time the respite will be 3/4-mile on a very recent bypass taking us around the western contour Jacks Peak instead of up along a Forest Road and the down the ridge to the north.
(According to the CDT Coalition this part was just completed on October 6th)

I feel it's worth noting that ALL the newly constructed reroutes we encountered over the course of the week appear to be constructed with the emphasis on mountain biking, including easier grades, more switchbacks and nice sweeping curves. And yes, we wished we had brought our bikes. :roll:
(Of course, not for THIS hike, but for 3 other CDT hikes we will do)

The last half-mile climb to the summit looked to be another rough & rocky climb, but even gaining 300' of elevation it didn't seem that bad, probably because we were focused on looking for the deer we were seeing fresh tracks of. No such luck. :(

Although not thick, there was enough vegetation spread around the wide summit there were no scenic views to be had at the summit. While I did find the remains of a summit log, but it seems whoever placed the log did not fully wash the plastic parmesan cheese jar and an animal made short work of the lid as well as the small notebook. Only the front cover of the notebook was in the jar, with a few dozen pages spread all around, probably by the wind once the animal freed them of their bondage. Unfortunately all of the pages I found were blank. :doh:

While I spent most of my time at the Burro Benchmark summit seeking the Reference Marks, Tracey spent most of her 25-minutes taking a lunch break. After about 10 minutes and only finding RM #1 I gave up and chowed down as well. But funny enough, as we were leaving I saw a few more notebook pages and when I walked toward them I spotted RM #2. I guess it helps to NOT be looking for something for it to be found. And yup, these pages were blank as well.

Time to head back... as much my left hip and knees complained on the ascent, I was a bit apprehensive of the steep rocky parts we would encounter on the descent. Although it felt pretty warm in the sun (mid 80's), weirdly (and happily) enough I hardly recall the descent. So either my mind was simply ignoring the pain, or it wasn't as bad as I expected.

One down, eight more hikes planned during our stay in the Silver City "Gateway to the Continental Divide" area.
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Burro Peak Jacks Peak
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