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Cannonball Trail
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mini location map2008-02-15
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Cannonball TrailEastern, VA
Eastern, VA
Hiking avatar Feb 15 2008
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This photo set documents several of the historical points of interest as seen after dark in the downtown Norfolk area along the Cannonball Trail that runs about a 5 mile circuit through the streets and along the waterfront of Norfolk. The Cannonball Trail begins and information can be obtained at the Freemason Reception Center located at 401 East Freemason Street. "This walk-it-yourself tour is a heritage trail, which connects historic sites woven among featured attractions in downtown Norfolk. The Cannonball Trail becomes, in effect, a "story-telling stage" for interpreting Norfolk's rich and multi-faceted history."

Attractions along the trail include The Waterside Festival Marketplace and Town Point Park, Nauticus National Maritime Center, the American Rover tall ship, The MacArthur Memorial, MacArthur Center, Spirit of Norfolk luxury yacht, the Battleship Wisconsin, moored next to the Nauticus National Maritime Museum the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and a host of other historical structures and sites.
Kelly D. McLaughlin
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