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Virginia Beach, VA
mini location map2008-02-15
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Virginia Beach, VA 
Virginia Beach, VA
Hiking avatar Feb 15 2008
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While visiting my son Brandon who is serving on a fast attack nuclear submarine that is stationed out of Norfolk Virginia, we visited the beach and seashore at Virginia Beach. The hike along this beach was on a cold blustery day but I had a great time breathing the clean, cold salt air and feeling the salt spray on my face once again. We started our hike near central Virginia Beach and hiked north for 2 miles and then returned via the same route. The full length of the beach through this area is about 5.5 miles, bordered on the north by Fort Story and on the south by the inlet to Lake Rudee.

There were many interesting sculptures and buildings along the beach to check out as we hiked across the white sand. Many are dedicated to, and depict members of our armed forces in action poses, performing their duties. Along some of the more remote sections of the beach there are dunes that provide habitat for a variety of sea birds and water fowl, of which we saw many. I particularly enjoyed the male duck and his mate who allowed me to follow them around and take multiple photos.
Kelly D. McLaughlin
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