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Reavis Ranch via 109 South
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mini location map2003-05-05
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Reavis Ranch via 109 SouthGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Backpack avatar May 05 2003
Backpack13.60 Miles
Backpack13.60 Miles2 Days         
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1st trip
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This was my first backpacking overnighter. What a place to start off! I would never have thought that a place like this could exist in the Supers! Pine Trees? The road leading to Rogers Trough trailhead on FS172A is what you would call a jeep trail. It can be done in a high clearance vehicle though. It took about an hour to get to the trailhead from US60. So Bullzeye and myself started off on the Reavis Ranch Trail #109 at 10:30am on saturday which desends thru Rogers Canyon for about 1.5 miles til we came to the intersection of the Rogers Canyon trail #110. It was fairly easy going down the trail but a little tiring coming back out on this portion do to the constant up and down and slippery footing. Once past the intersection we started up the wash looking for the Reavis Grave which we found off to the left of the trail and 50ft back. Easy to miss due to the small trail leading to the grave site. We paid our respects and moved back on to the main trail for the climb up to Reavis Saddle. The real climb starts just after the grave site and switchbacks gradually 1000ft or so up about a mile(guesstimating) to the saddle. Once we reached the saddle we were greeted by a fantastic view of Rogers Canyon. This was also a great place to take a break and have lunch under the juniper tree just over the top. From there the transformation from scrub brush and mazanita to pine and juniper began. As we gradually desended from the saddle to the valley we couldn't believe we were in the Supers! It was as if we were at the rim what with the thick growth Ponderosa along the trail. After about 1.5 hours and 3 to 4 miles the forest opened up to the lush, green meadows of Reavis Ranch. In all it took us about 4.5 hours including our break at the saddle to reach. We set up camp under a large tree next to the creek in the meadow that sits about 50 yards east of the old house foundation. The rest of the day was spent exploring the surrounding area of the ranch. Quite a few horses in the corral and in the orchard that belonged to two groups of people that had horsebacked in. Plenty of filterable water in the creek and lots of firewood make this an excellent destination. The only bad part about this was the swarms of knats and other annoying bugs and the lack of insect repellant. But that all seemed to subside after sundown. The rest of the night was spent sitting around the fire trading stories and indulging in a little liquid refreshment, which dubbed as anti-freeze when the wind picked-up later that night. The next morning we wandered around the area a little more, broke camp and headed out around noon. Saw a couple of deer grazing along the trail on the way out that didn't seem too concerned about us even though we were only 20 yards away from them. It took us just around 4 hours to get back to the truck. The only difficult part of the trip was, like I said in the beggining, the hike out of Rogers Canyon to the trailhead. Mostly because i'm a little out of shape. Glad I bought those trekking poles! All in all this was the best place for my first backpacking adventure. Can't wait til October gets here so i can go back.
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Reavis Grave

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