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Thunderbird Cholla Loop and Coach Whip, AZ
mini location map2022-03-06
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Thunderbird Cholla Loop and Coach Whip, AZ 
Thunderbird Cholla Loop and Coach Whip, AZ
Hiking3.95 Miles 863 AEG
Hiking3.95 Miles   1 Hour   41 Mns   2.35 mph
863 ft AEG
1st trip
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I have hiked the Cholla Loop Trail and a segment of the Coach Whip Trail in Thunderbird Conservation Park in Glendale, AZ, for the last 10 years. For the past several months, the American Conservation Experience, in partnership with the City of Glendale, have been improving the trails in the park system. I can attest to the great work they are doing, as much of this loop I hike has already had great improvements made to it. Thank you!
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