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Granite Mountain X3, AZ
mini location map2022-03-19
19 by photographer avatarThe_Eagle
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Sedona Loop Hike
Sedona Loop Hike
Granite Mountain X3, AZ 
Granite Mountain X3, AZ
Hiking15.34 Miles 4,008 AEG
Hiking15.34 Miles   9 Hrs   4 Mns   2.08 mph
4,008 ft AEG   1 Hour   42 Mns Break14 LBS Pack
1st trip
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After hiking the Ballantine Boulder loop the end of February, looking to the west, there were a number of prominent peaks that looked interesting.

Not knowing how slow the terrain was going to be, I sketched up 4 options with different distances, AEG and peaks. The one we ended up doing was the shortest and worked out just fine. Knowing this was a popular ORV area, my biggest concern for the day was all the potential traffic while we were on the road portion. This ended up not being a problem.

After our 4 mile road walk up Sycamore Creek and Log Corral Trail, we roughly followed the same route as @FLYING_FLIVER used, to spread his magic dust on top of Granite Mountain-4699. It's a steep one and brushy in spots. Most of the way up, we came across a motorcycle trail, that possibly would have made this easier, albeit longer. It came from the direction of Red Mountain.

At the top, we took a break an admired the views and geology.
View from the Top of Granite Mountain 4699 -> [ youtube video ]

Next up was West Granite Mountain-4555. The only slightly tricky part of this one was getting off of Granite. We used the continuation of the motorcycle trail for a portion, before making the push to the top. Another break up here, with the best views of Bartlett, Rio Verde and the McDowells.

We retreated roughly the way we ascended and hit the motorcycle trail again. We used this until it started heading in the wrong direction and then headed off trail towards our next target to complete the trifecta, Little Granite Mountain-4214.

We were all kinda tired at this point, so the last 650' push to the top was a bit of a slog. At the top we were greeted with a welcomed breeze and ate some lunch overlooking Bartlett.

Just east of the peak on this one, we once again picked up the motorcycle trail which made our egress much easier than it could have been. We came across a buzz worm on the way down that gave us plenty of warning before slithering off.

Fun peaks to hit and there are a few others out there that are still on my list.

Always good hiking with John Long Play and Joe
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We actually filtered from here on the way out. There are also 2 sources just east of here coming from the cliff rocks.
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