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Sphinx Rock Ruins/Uppermost White Canyon
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mini location map2022-05-05
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Sphinx Rock Ruins/Uppermost White CanyonSoutheast, UT
Southeast, UT
Hiking9.90 Miles 1,106 AEG
Hiking9.90 Miles   3 Hrs   43 Mns   3.09 mph
1,106 ft AEG      31 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Road Trip Day 4 White Canyon

There is a real good write up on this hike , describing much of the ruins:

This is in the Natural Bridges National Monument, but you won't get any information on this hike from the rangers since these ruins are not published, and they can't adequately protect them.

We had gotten up about 1am to take Milky Way photos at Owachomo bridge, so we were a bit tired on this hike, as a result we didn't get to the Sphinx Rock Ruins.

None the less the hike is great and the ruins are fantastic.

NOTE: Many of the GPS coded photos have issues with the GPS coordinates, this seems to be due to the canyons blocking reception for the camera.
J. Yoder

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