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General Crook Trail #64 - Prescott NF
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General Crook Trail #64 - Prescott NFPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking11.56 Miles 623 AEG
Hiking11.56 Miles   4 Hrs   39 Mns   2.49 mph
623 ft AEG
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I have ongoing projects day hiking / biking the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, Black Canyon Trail and Maricopa Trail. Of course, that is not keeping me busy enough, so I figured I would add the General Crook Trail to my plate. 😆

I started hiking out the back of the Old Cherry Rd. pullout, in a small wash. Really, more of a break in the very dense brush. In ⅓ mile, the trail crosses the road. But the trail on the other side is blocked by a barbed wire fence. Seeing no gate, I walked down the road 100 yds. to a cattle guard, turned right along the fenceline for 100 yds., then picked up the trail again. 🙄

In ¼ mile, the trail dumps back onto the road, which I followed through a cluster of small ranches. Just on the east side of the ranches, after just over a mile, was the signed start of General Crook Trail #64. My recommendation is start here.

The next ⅔ mile down to the old stage stop on Ash Creek was the highlight of the day. The creek had 1-2″ of trickling water, there was a large stone corral, a foundation with a scattering of period nails, and some truly massive trees. Hiking to the stage stop would be a fun short hike for oldsters and families with small children.

General Crook Trail turns east, ascends a small hill, then bends south. It starts out as foot trail, gradually transitioning into old jeep trail by the time it reaches the old wood & wire corral at AZ-169 after 3⅓ total miles.

While taking photos, I noticed some fire ants milling around, but I figured three feet distance was enough. It wasn’t. One stung me on my neck. I could feel numbness for the next hour. 🐜

After a short walk on FR 9604K, the trail splits left. Vegetation gradually decreases as the trail heads east from FR 9604K. Shade is basically non-existent. There is erosion in the trail surface, but it is otherwise mostly obstacle free. However, it does disappear in some areas that have cheatgrass or even riparian vegetation. Other than a yellowjacket-infested puddle in Racetrack Wash, I never saw water after Ash Creek.

A little over halfway into my hike, at five miles, the trail crosses a quality dirt road at Hackberry Wash. There is a foundation and a spring box painted “John 3:16-17”. This would make a good turn around point from either direction, but my always helpful wife was shuttle driving, so I continued.

At six miles, the trail apparently has a junction with Black Canyon Trail. It has a fiberglass post marked to that effect, but my information is that the BCT runs from Orme Rd. to FR 9604F. Puzzling. 🤔

After crossing Sour Water Wash, the trail turns into jeep trail for ¼ to the Gray Wolf Regional Landfill fence. On a small hill to the left is a solar array. The landfill is off limits, so I turned right, finding a “T64” marker a few yards later. I followed that catclaw-riddled foot trail down to Racetrack Wash.

From the 1915 spring box, I followed the landfill fence east for an easy, but trailless, ⅔ mile. I turned north when the fence did, continuing along the fenceline. After ⅓ mile across a small playa, I turned east, resuming General Crook Trail. There were cairns, and trail tape, and they didn’t always agree. It was a trudge to the FR 9604F trailhead.

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My wife said she didn't see anything, but I found lots! Rusby’s globemallow, silverleaf nightshade, plenty of dense blackfoot daisy clusters, common sunflower, Stansbury’s cliffrose, Trans-Pecos morning glory, some kind of buckwheat, fair number of southwestern mock vervain, sacred datura, dense goldenrod clusters, plus several others.
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