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Jun 11 2016

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Box Camp Trail #22Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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Good news, bad news. The bad news is there was a fire several weeks ago along the Box Spring trail. The good news is the route has been cleared (presumably so the firefighters could get to the site). This report describes Box Spring Trail to upper Sabino cyn with some explorations along the way.

From the junction of Box Spring and Box Camp trails to the pour-off at the lowest burn area, the trail is cleared and well marked. If you are paying attention and haven't seen an obvious sign that you are on trail for 50 yards, you are probably off trail. "Obvious signs" include: cairns, sawed out log segments, flags/tape. The new trail follows the creek more than it used to. Some of the old route still has cairns on it even though its VERY brushy (might as well make your own trail as follow those cairns). I removed cairns that would trick hikers into going the much harder way.

At the first burn area, stay left and you will be able to find obvious signs. A few minutes beyond the burn I got to what I thought was a separate drainage coming in from the North. Looking at my track now, I see that was Sabino. The remainder of my downhill after that was exploring Uppper Sabino Canyon.

I continued downstream, mostly following the creek or a little to its left (Southwest). I encountered a big burn area with lots of large trees sawed off. There are many sawed off stumps here. Continue down-drainage favoring the left (do you see a pattern?). When you get to a pour-off that you think might be possible to get down with a couple dicey moves, you've gone just a little too far. (I was alone so didn't seriously consider the pour-off but I think with the right people I would). I tried going around to the North but got somewhat cliffed out and was doing things a bit too dangerous for solo. Back track up drainage a little an climb the slope to the south. (your left when you are coming down drainage). The slope gets you to a nice overlook. It was a bit hard going up that for me because the burn was recent so ground was unstable. Eventually, this will be better. From the overlook descend to the left of the creek. I didn't see any used route at this section. Basically bushwalked sometimes in the creek, sometimes to the left of it. Shortly after some slabby rocks in the creek (great lunch break), I went left above the creek to avoid a pool that would have required a chest deep wade to get through. In retrospect, that would have been a sensible thing to do. My above creek traverse didn't work out so I decided to return.

I'm very pleased with the clearing of Box Spring trail below the spring. Because the new trail follows the drainage more so than the previously marked trail, it might be more susceptible to closing down with flood debris. It would be a pain to have to climb over all the deadwood before the saws got to it!
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