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Guthrie Mountain, AZ

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Green Mountain Summit
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Green Mountain Trail #21
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Woody's Revenge
by fricknaley

I've walked right by the takeoff to Guthrie Mountain many times on my trips along the Green Mountain trail. I've always thought "I'll do that next time". I should have done it sooner, because this turns out to be a fun little-known peak to bag in the Catalinas. Sitting at roughly 7281 feet, Guthrie does not see a lot of visitors though it is surely worthy. There is even a nice little trail that runs out to it's summit. This hike can be started from either end of the Green Mountain trail; the lower General Hitchcock campground or the upper Green Mountain trailhead at milepost 18. This description will be from the upper trailhead since it is higher in elevation and slightly cooler this time of year.

The Green Mountain trail is fully described on this website and I reference you to that description for details. Briefly, the Green Mountain trail takes off from the Catalina Highway and runs mostly east and south, offering different views of the Catalinas that what most are used to. It descends nearly the whole way too, so you gotta climb on the way back. There are areas along the way that were burned in the fires and the recovery process is underway. The trail is always easy to follow. Along the way there will be two signed takeoff points for the Brush Corrals trail, at roughly 0.2 miles and 1.2 miles from the trailhead. Just follow the route of Green Mountain. There are frequent views north and east, which tend to be very long.

Just past the signed takeoff for Maverick Spring, you will reach a nice saddle with a sign pointing the way to the General Hitchcock campground. This is Bear Saddle and you will know when you are here. To the left is Guthrie Mountain and there is actually a little tin homemade sign nailed to a tree indicating the use path to it's peak. This is roughly 2 miles from the upper Green Mountain trailhead.

Jump on the path to Guthrie Mountain. It is actually pretty easy to follow, I was surprised at this. There are cairns present too, though they are not really necessary. There is a lot of interesting red rock on Guthrie, I'm not sure why. The route to the peak is about 1 mile in total. The path climbs to the ridge and runs it for a while offering you views of your goal. It then descends down a small saddle before climbing back up to the summit proper. It's a decent little climb. The last part of the climb before the top is a little exposed up some slick red-colored rock. It's a very short segment though, then up to the forested summit. If you scramble around you can climb up some boulders and get outstanding views of the eastern Catalinas, as well as north. Not the typical stuff I'm used to seeing up here. Worth it just for that.

To get back just retrace your steps and remember that there is some good climbing to do on the way back.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2007-06-20 fricknaley
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Guthrie Mountain
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i had to go see this for myself.

this is a special hike and place for me for a multitude of reasons.

lower green mountain from the bug springs TH to the first saddle beyond hitchcock is fine. beyond this to bear saddle it seems the trail was used as a fireline and there is some moderate burn, and some more heavily charred areas. in the lower creek beds the trail can now be hard to follow. sometimes it's burned to the east of the trail and fine on the west.

from bear saddle out to guthrie it gets progressively more heavily burned. Guthrie is charred, black and dead. that sucked to see.

i expected what i saw today because i followed the fire perimeter maps VERY closely. could have been worse for sure. guthrie probably couldn't have though. sad for me to see for a peak that has given me so much
Guthrie Mountain
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Late afternoon hike up Guthrie from Hitchcock campground. Hot and dusty on the way up, perfectly idyllic on the way down. The view from Guthrie of the highway as it winds up to Windy Point is picture perfect.

Noticed on CalTopo that a nearby peak is labeled "Guthrie Mnt" and that Guthrie is labeled with just an elevation. Cartographical error? Two Guthries? Or am I crazy?
Guthrie Mountain
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The loop described here involved off trail bushwhacking for about half the time. We got the idea for this from one of AZhiker456 triplogs about a much bigger loop out of General Hitchcock CG which involved off-trail climbs of Green Mountain and Guthrie Mountain in one day. Well, it took my little group two days. The first was a climb from the CG to Green Mtn, reported earlier (we later did a variant of that hike, bushwhacking to Green from Bear Saddle).

On this day, we decided to tackle the lower loop from the Bear Canyon Picnic Area (about half mile before the Gen Hitchcock CG on Catalina Hwy) up to two unnamed peaks, 6810 and 6790, and across the undulating ridge to Guthrie. We actually intersected the trail from Bear Saddle about half mile from the mountain and followed it up. From Guthrie, we followed the trail back down to the CG.

The ridge is, shall we say, sweet for the first mile or so (to use the description of AZhiker 456), and horrible (to use my description for the last 1/3 of the way because of constant and annoying thorny bushes). She did the thorny part first since she went clockwise on her loop. I think a better way to experience/see the beautiful ridge (if doing counterclockwise) is to close this loop sooner by dropping down to the Bear Canyon after the thorns get back and calling it a day. If one really wanted to bag Guthrie, they could turn up canyon once reaching the canyon trail #21.

All in all, it was a great day with good breeze and a different perspective on views of Guthrie and Green Mountains and territory to the south. There are great views of the San Pedro valley from Guthrie.
Guthrie Mountain
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What a difference an extra 4500' makes. Even thought this hike was very similar in stats to my Quartz Peak hike on Sunday, this was a much more pleasant hike. Almost felt like cheating, almost...I started out from the south TH (by General Hitchcock picnic area) and headed north. Opened the door to temps in the 80's despite the blast furnace down in town. First time up on Mount Lemmon in at least 15 years, it has been way too long. This trail has a good bit of elevation gain, lots of rolling up and down on the way to the peak turnoff. Views were limited heading up, some spotty tree cover and a nice little bank of clouds kept me in shade for quite a bit of this hike. Once I hit the Guthrie Mountain turnoff, the views opened up big time. Great views north and east, this might have been about the best view of the Galiuros I have ever seen. There is a bit of a scramble up to the peak, but certainly nothing too crazy. Took a nice break and then headed back down, enjoying my views down the canyon and into town on the way back. Fire recovery looks to be in full swing, lots of new Oaks coming up all over the place. Well worth the extra drive, only 25 minutes from Tanque Verde, need to start doing more like this.

Just a few Penstemons in bloom, and the occasional cactus.
Guthrie Mountain
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i really like this hike. pretty warm day. saw Mark soon after heading off the top. funny cause as i was sitting on the summit i thought "i have never seen another person up here on all my hikes but if i ever do i bet it will be mark"...10 minutes later i see Mark :lol:
Guthrie Mountain
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Started at the Upper Green Mountain trailhead - out to Guthrie but today had time to follow the route on the hiking club map out to the starred high point on the ridge to the east! I followed cairns out to near 7162 but then they disappeared - the ridge narrows and gets more tangled as you head out to the small rocky highpoint... From the high point it seemed like Point 6925 would be a good guess for a fun extension to this hike so I followed the ridge (still a bit of a thrash) and was not disappointed by the views from 6925! Came back along the ridge and went down to Maverick Spring (nice ramble, big blanket of brown ferns, water in the box) before heading back up to the Upper Green Mountain Trailhead.

Really great to finally make it out the ridge near Guthrie but can't see myself repeating that anytime soon - Point 7162 might be the sweet spot with some good views but not nearly the amount of thrashing as getting out further on the ridge...

Guthrie Mountain
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
After hiking Babd Do'ag earlier in the day I parked at the Lower Green Mountain Trailhead and headed up to Guthrie - a bit of wind and a few clouds but mostly a beautiful day - always love the steep/short rocky section, for sure a highlight.

Guthrie Mountain
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
It was well below freezing when I started out at Bear Canyon, with quite a bit of solid ice in the shaded areas. I found Green Mountain Trail to be quite enjoyable with its nice pine forest and douglas fir patches. The Bear Saddle to Guthrie Mountain stretch was the highlight of the hike for me, with far reaching views in all directions from the ridge crest. Footing was a bit tricky in icy/snowy spots going up Guthrie Mountain's summit ridge, where poles came in handy. The view from the summit was absolutely worth the effort. Great hike.
Guthrie Mountain
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I started at the Lower Green Mountain Trailhead and went to Maverick Spring - only the 2nd time I have been to this area and quite different than in September 2012 in a thunderstorm (fun comparison of the crossing just before the spring - Sept 2012:, March 2013:

There was a little flow from the spring - I enjoyed the views from the nearby hill (great!) and the trickle of water coming down the canyon. After Maverick Spring I went back to Bear Saddle and over to Guthrie Mountain - the trail out to Guthrie is always nice and there was plenty of wind to keep things cool.

After hitting the 'usual' Guthrie summit I headed along the ridge to the east (towards the second summit shown on the SAHC map/described in the Cowgill/Glendening guide), for awhile this was very fun but wow did it get prickly and ugly fast going up to Point 7162! (Is the pipe - - on the top of Point 7162 from firefighting?)

I ran out of enthusiasm for the ridge after topping out on 7162 (oh well, guess I have to go back again and do the whole ridge, what a good excuse to get out to this area again!) and decided to call it a day and head back the way I came.

Guthrie Mountain
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Snow! Headed up about a week after a good storm and was very surprised to see patchy snow near the start of the Green Mountain Trail (I started from the lower trailhead). There were some fun sections with snow up to Bear Saddle and a good layer on the ridge/trail out to the top of Guthrie - just the right amount of snow to be really fun! An amazing part of the hike was following Mountain Lion tracks - the tracks started near the small rocky section near the top and followed the trail for maybe a quarter of a mile before leaving the ridge/trail - without the snow I doubt I would have even gotten to see the tracks! Pictures:

Permit $$
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There are four specific day use areas that require a Coronado Recreational Pass or a National Pass/America the Beautiful Pass.
1) Sabino Canyon - located on the Santa Catalina Ranger District (520)749-8700
2) Madera Canyon - located on the Nogales Ranger District (520)281-2296
3) Cave Creek - located on the Douglas Ranger District (520)364-3468
4) Mt. Lemmon at 11 day use sites.

Catalina State Park $6 per day. Sabino Canyon Tram is $10 extra.

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To hike
Take the Catalina Highway in Tucson up into the Catalinas. At roughly milepost 18 there is a new separate and signed trailhead for the Green Mountain Trail on your right. It's that easy.

The lower General Hitchcock Trailhead is just before milepost 12.
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