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Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness, AZ

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by joebartels

The technical canyoneering version coming back through the creek requires beta, gear and skill. Do not enter the creek without skilled training certified by a reputable source such as the American Canyoneering Association. If you head down the creek unprepared you may not be able to get out. I've heard some scary stories over the years of serious injury.

This is an out-n-back 3.5 mile hike on Jug Trail #61 to Salome Creek. Salome Creek is a major drainage for the Sierra Ancha range. The Jug is the narrow section of Salome Creek just before it widens after Dutchwoman Butte. Dutchwoman Butte looms to your right as seen in this photo. The jug lies in the area below this butte. With that in mind it's easy to get an idea as to where you are headed.

Converted from an old 4x4 jeep track the trail is wide most of the way. Staying level, the trail follows the contours of Victoria Peak over to Salome Creek. Hugging the mountain the trail goes in and out of the natural drainages three times. The first is extremely level and you can look across the wash to your vehicle. The second has very little descent if any. Finally the third begins a slight descent. The area covered so far is thin on vegetation. Having hiked the area after nearly four months without much rain period the desert was looking dry. Shriveled to a pulp the prickly pear cactus was showing signs of drought. Views of the surrounding area make up the excitement for the beginning of this hike.

Salome Creek heading on down to Roosevelt Lake comes into view on your right. Nearing Dutchwoman Butte the trail starts a more noticeable descent. Take caution where the trail is gravely and steep. Continue on until you reach a small coral to the right.

The designated FS trail continues about 0.7 mi. It hooks left into a drainage then you turn around. There are no connecting trails. I'm not sure why it ends on the left hook, maybe an old homestead? I do know this trail is very popular with technical canyoneers. Instead of hooking left they continue on a use-trail that soon meets the creek or turn right to the creek.

You don't need to be a canyoneer to ponder the creek from above. From the coral head off-trail right to the creek. Approach the edge with extreme caution! No trail exist, you just have to make your way along the edge best you can. I believe I found three or four good spots to look down into the gorge of Salome Creek.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2000-01-24 joebartels
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
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I finally checked out the Jug. It took me long enough. It's the crowds that have deterred me over the years. Heading down early in the morning easily solved that problem. I was on the trail at first light. I had it all to myself. Perfect. I didn't get in the water. I just worked the edges from above. It's a really cool place and I'm glad I finally went.
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
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After Drooling over Photos of this place for the last 2 or so years, I finally got there to see it and do it... :D And the Company made it all the more fun! Yep, the ever so patient Canyon Crew invited me to go with and the good times commenced once again.... :y: And as a Bonus, Scott's wife Tanya came along on this one, so the Laughs were multiplied even more.... :D

It was everything I knew it would be...Beautiful Water and Canyon, Gorgeous Rocks and Formations, Waterfalls, Cascades, and Deep, Clear Pools for Swimming.... :DANCE: I took a hit from the Macho guys when I elected to wear a Shortie, but hey, I'd rather burn Calories enjoying, rather than shivering, eh Ken??? :sweat: I wasn't the only one and it was a good choice for everyone that elected to be a "Wimp".... :GB:

The Canyon (Jug) was shorter than I imagined, but still, at least in my mind, worth the Hike in and out...I'll pay to play, even if just for a little while...I was surprised that we didn't run into more people on a Saturday, but the Weather Forecasted a 30% Chance of Thunderstorms, so maybe that kept most of the Crowd away...There were a couple of Parties in front of us that we only saw briefly and then a big Party behind us that caught up to us at the Rappel...Everyone elected to Rappel the last Waterfall except Ken, who decided this time that he was going to jump it... :o :sweat:

First time Rappelling down a Waterfall, although the Water Flow was nothing huge or too concerning...However, the Footing turned out to be a little Tricky, as there is a Crevice/Crack that runs the length of it, under the Water where you couldn't see it and it's a potential problem for getting your Foot stuck or losing a Shoe...The only way to avoid it would be to straddle the Whole Waterfall and that wasn't very practical or efficient, so you just tried to watch and feel your Feet...The First guy to Rappel from the Party behind us lost his Shoe and finished without it, although he was able to retrieve it. It was fun! And then the rest of us watched Ken jump it.... :sweat:

A couple of more Swims and we were out and on the Exit Trail...It is a huffer getting out, but the Weather was still nice with a little Thunder in the Distance, so it wasn't a hot trek out...Could not have asked for better Weather for the Hiking, although I'm sure Ken and Mike would have enjoyed a little more Sun here and there.... :lol:

It was a fun Trip and I'm really glad to finally see it! I'm sure I'll be back.... :y:

The Guys showed me a Canyon that I had not seen, so I took advantage of the fact that I was driving, and showed them a Pizza Joint that they had never tried...It just wouldn't be right to end this Fun Day without Big Daddy's, would it??? :D

I had trouble with Water collecting on the Lens of the Camera and also with it Fogging Up, but I salvaged a few decent Shots...There are also a couple of Videos for your Viewing Pleasure....

The Slide:
The Jump:

Three Days after we went through, there was an Injury and a Rescue at that Rappel...Am glad to hear that he will be ok... You can read about it here... viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8260&start=0

Brittle Bush and Ocotillo were the prominent Bloomers....
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
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the weather was perfect wasn't to hot and the water wasn't to cold if you didn't stay in it long, but not having a wet suite would come to bite me in the butt later on in the trip. we hit the trail at 10:30 and saw that there was a large group a head of us we had to pass them quickly or we could get stuck be hind them in the canyon .we made it down to the canyon pretty . there were a couple easy down climbs and there was just enough flow to let you use the slides was a lot of fun .There were 2 short swims be for you get to the rappel. when we got to the rappel we encountered a group that had 2 dogs with them and a kid strap to one of the guys back that was maybe 2 years old and only enough webbing for 2 harnesses when they needed 4 and a rope not long enough for the rappel. first thing that came to mind was WTF were these people doing down here. I was first one in my group to rappel well half way down the rope was stuck in the rocks in the waterfall. It took me 5 minutes to get the rope untangled and unstuck from the rocks with the water hitting me and making the job difficult and I started to get very cold and was wishing I had a wet suite at this point . When I pulled the rope out of my ATC my hands were cold and didn't hold it good enough and dropped it and lost it in the abyss ](*,) . after all the members of our group rappelled down we did the last 3 swims and got back to the truck around 2:00 .
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
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Still one of my favorites. :y:

Did it as an overnighter... good times, excellent company, beautiful surroundings, shooting stars, full moon, peaceful hammock sleeping next to the creek, backpacks full o' beer and plenty of shenanigans. :D
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Its been 2 years since my good friend Rand had been to the Jug. He started getting the itch to go back. Met up with a couple of other friends, Anson and Cylie, then it was off to Salome Creek. Water is flowing, but slower than I would like. Plenty of wasps and bees gathering around some of the still pools. Water level in most pools is down between 2 and 5 feet. We moved quickly past my favorite slide due to wasps and bees hanging out near the bottom. The last pool before the exit was murky. Too bad, this one is one of my faves, a real desert oasis. Rand made the jump, followed by Anson and Cylie who rappelled down the waterfall. I've already jumped this thing a half dozen times or so, so I set up a rappel from the jump point. The free hanging drop into the water is fun. Met a guy named Mike, from Minnesota, who was in town on business for a month and was using his free time to solo canyoneer the Jug. Got to respect someone who brings 200 foot of rope, gear, helmet and Go-Pro on a business trip. Why not?
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
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Fantastic conditions, what an amazing place. Didn't bring the rap gear and did the "jump". It's not really a jump, more like hanging on for dear life to the hand lines as you work your way down steep, awkward, slippery slopes, trying to position yourself correctly at the lip for the controlled fall into the pool. It's hard but not crazy, although it could get a little dicey on a crowded weekend with lots of people at the rap stations and soaking wet rock.
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
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Finally got out to this wonderful canyon and it could not have been a better day. After saying I was going in with no neoprene on, Pete held me to my word and once we arrived at the creek to drop in I was going to put my shorty suit on. Well Pete wouldn't allow it and I would never live this down if I wore it so we both didn't put ours on. I got in the water first to get the cold shocking sensation over as Pete and Mike tried to rock hop and avoid it for as long as they could. The water was cold and flowing at a perfect speed, but with the sun out and warm temps arriving this weekend it was nothing you couldn't handle without a wetsuit of any kind. We enjoyed every minute of the trip, acted like kids going down the rocky slides and climbing back up to do them again. Once we arrived at the rappel we were held up by a large group of over 10 people rappelling from the far right anchors into the Jug. They took awhile to get everyone down, and I wanted to rappel straight down the waterfall since that option isn't around too often where you go. So another group came in from behind us and wanted to rappel the waterfall as well so we teamed up and helped each other out with this. The rushing water in your face and knocking you around a bit was both awesome and painful, but well worth the wait. Into the Jug at last, the long swim out from there was amazing and felt so refreshing. By the time we arrived at the exit we didn't want to get out of the water.
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Ended up getting a late start on this trip. My friend Dean had just flown out from Pittsburgh the night before. I borrowed my dad's F350 truck for what would be a 4 day outing. That night at 3:30am I heard some noise outside my house. I walked around the back of my house towards the front to find a couple of kids breaking the window out of the truck. They ran off as I jumped the fence. By 6am I was on the phone with the insurance and glass companies. They sent out a repairman to fix the side window and our 8am start ended up a noon start.

About 2pm, we arrived at the Jug TH via the Miami route (first time from this approach). The hike in was hot. Nothing unusual there. Once in the water, the usual fun began (i.e. water slides, swimming through corridors, short jumps, and admiring nature's handiwork inside this incredible slot.

Upon reaching the Jug, I asked Dean if he wanted to rappel or jump. His answer, "Both." Dean set up the first rappel and lowered himself into the jug. I made some adjustments, anchored myself and brought him back up. I made my rappel then Dean brought me back up. We gathered up all our gear, tossed it into the jug below, and jumped. First myself, then Dean.

It was about 7:15pm by the time we made it back to the trailhead. The hike out was cool for a welcome change. I'm used to hiking out at mid day in the peak heat.

We jumped into the truck and headed out towards Lone Pine Saddle via El Oso Rd for our big attempt at the Four Peaks Mother Lode the next morning.
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
I first did the Jug five years and two weeks ago, and due to various circumstances, I had begun to wonder if I would ever get to do it again ... Thankfully, I was able to yesterday with Kelly and we had a blast! Hoping not to wait five more years to do it again!

Today I feel like I was beaten up yesterday, but it's totally worth it ...
Water was noticably lower than last time when I did it two weeks earlier in the season, but it was also warmer - a decent trade-off for me, at least until I get a wetsuit. And there was stil plenty of water to make it fun. I did notice that some of the obstacles seemed harder to solve with the lower water level - for instance the last drop right before the rappel - we couldn't figure out how to do it safely, so I got out the rope, dropped a quick anchor over a big slimy rock in a pool, and we used the handline to get down easy-peazy.

I got a little overheated on the hike in, and suffered from lack of energy on the hike out, but felt better as soon as I rested in the shade for a few minutes - sorry for making you suffer through the delay while being tormented by gnats, Kelly!

Saw a pair of beautiful orioles at our first swim hole - I think they were Scott's. Lots of cliff swallows nests - with birds actively darting in and out - on the lower canyon walls. I surprised one snake deep in the canyon - while scouting for a route over some wood debris piled between the canyon wall and a boulder, I was quite startled to see him, and I let out a brief but loud, echoing scream ... it was just a little garter snake and I felt bad for scaring him. The other snake we saw, however, I can't yet identify. It was about ten inches long and skinny as a pencil - with black and red bands ... all the snakes I see in the books have black, red, and yellow or white bands ... this little guy may have been white or pale yellow underneath, but his bands were just black and red - anybody know what he was? Gummo?

Another excellent adventure - thanks Kelly for giving it a try, and for capturing some nice pics!

Forgot to mention - though there were a couple cars at the trailhead, we didn't see a single person in the canyon the whole day. Nice to see that the canyon looks as clean and untouched as it did five years ago ... the only signs of people I remember seeing were: a pair of broken glasses at the bottom of a slide, a few fresh footprints, and a few drops of blood on a rock!
Jug Trail #61 - Salome Wilderness
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
cactuscat proposed this trip a couple weeks ago, and after i did some research and looked at pictures and video, i was in
not sure what my initial hesitation was, other than this being my first canyoneering adventure
although the hike in was a little warm, air temps were perfect for being in the water
water temps were just about perfect
water level may be a bit lower than rick's trip a couple weeks ago
a little more algae but still clear
we may have dropped in a little too far upstream, but soon came to a great swimming hole and then another one
canyon walls started closing in and the pink granite made an appearance
some slides, some little waterfalls, lots of places we had to swim
kelly brought a floatie, and that seems like a good way to get across those
we came to one spot that we couldn't get down, and kelly rigged a hand line
i got a little chilled when the sun moved out of the narrow part of the canyon, but it was easy enough to warm up within a few minutes out of the water
finally arrived at the 20 foot waterfall and rappelled down
it would have been possible to jump, too
a couple long swims and the canyon opened back up
got warmed up before starting the hike out
the gnats were bad on this part, but getting up higher where there was a breeze helped
this was a good starter canyon for me - kelly had done it once before
greatly enjoyed the experience - just pure fun to be in such a cool place
saw lots of lizards and fish
kelly spotted an oriole and two snakes (one little one on the hike out)
had my camera in a pelican case and didn't close it correctly once, so while the camera may not work, the card was fine - good system with operator error
a great day in one of arizona's cool places!

Permit $$

Map Drive
FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

To hike
Globe take 88 north out of town. When 88 turns west into the Superstitions at the Roosevelt span bridge, continue north onto 188. Basically don't turn and you'll be fine. Continue on 188 to the A-Cross turn off to the east just after mile marker 255. The distance from Globe to the turnoff is 39.5 miles. Okay turn east onto A+ or A-Cross road also know as FR60. It's ten miles to the trailhead. Just after a mile a shallow creek with a rocky bottom is crossed. Probably not passable after a recent rain as the signs forewarn. You will pass over a short section of pavement. This is normal, just be on the lookout for the A+ turn on your left. About 3 miles in you will pass a healthy grove of chain fruit chollas. Nearing 4.5 miles a little 4X4 recreation spot is passed around the Salt Gulch area. Looks like fun, but no clue here if it's legal or not. Methodist creek is passed near 7 miles. Then a saguaro packed sloped is passed near the 9 mile mark. Finally over a cattle guard around 9.5 miles. The trailhead sign at ten miles reads A Cross Trailhead. This is it, trail 61. Park on your left in the small area provided.

GPS readings taken from field

A-Cross turn off Trailhead
N 33 47.191

W 111 15.838

N 33 45.270

W 111 08.148

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