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Peralta Trail #102, AZ

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Difficulty 3 of 5
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Distance One Way 6.2 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,400 feet
Elevation Gain 1,450 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,890 feet
Avg Time One Way 3 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 12.5
Interest Seasonal Creek
Backpack Yes & Connecting
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Weaver's Needle Crosscut
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Cave-Weaver's Crosscut-Bluff Springs
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Superstitions White Rock & Whiskey Springs
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Weavers Needle Upper Loop
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Peralta Trailhead to Lost Dutchman State Park
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Weaver Crosscut Loop from First Water
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Huh, there's more trail past Fremont Saddle?
by nonot

This trail segment spans from Peralta TH into the heart of East Boulder Canyon where it joins the Dutchman Trail #104.

To most, Peralta Trail means hiking from the trailhead to Fremont Saddle. Holy cow, what's that 6.2 mile figure, can that be right? Yes, it is! Peralta Trail actually exists north of Fremont Saddle. It sees much less traffic than the first half, but is still popular as it can be used for several looping options.

This trail consists of two portions: the popular and overused section that goes from the trailhead to Fremont Saddle. It climbs about a 1380 ft and is virtually impossible to lose, I've seen people on this trail from 3 year olds to 80 year olds. You'll probably pass a hundred people if doing this late morning or early afternoon if the weather is in the 70s.

The second half of the trail continues north to follow East Boulder Creek downstream and provides excellent views of Weaver's Needle. It stays relatively high on the west side of Peralta Canyon, providing awesome views of hoodoos along the ridge to your west. It gradually descends until you reach a flat clearing known as Pinyon Camp about 1 mile from the saddle, or 4 overall. Camping here is popular, especially if rains have replenished the creek, which is relatively close to the camp.

After Pinyon Camp, you will descend at a fairly easy slope. From the Peralta Trail, you will not recognize or probably even notice the "Weaver's Needle Crosscut" trail that may appear on your map shortly after the first campsite. Continuing on, eventually you reach the final switchbacks which drop you into the creek bed of Peralta Creek and the intersection with the Dutchman. The trail intersection is well signed.

Chilson camp is nearby this intersection, which is another popular campsite for users of this trail.

East Boulder Creek is Seasonal, it would be best to get a water report before attempting a camping trip. Aside from recent rains it is unlikely there will be any water in the area.

A user could dayhike to the Dutchman Trail #104 and back without too much difficulty as well solely using this segment. Turn around according to your fitness level and time left before nightfall. It's good to set a turn around time when starting and stick to it.

The trail north of the saddle is no more difficult than the popular stretch to the saddle. I've run into some overgrown sumac for the first half-mile north of the saddle in the past. It appears in 2007 a trail maintenance team did some good work to improve this section. My thanks goes out to the volunteers.

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- Canyon Lake TH to Peralta TH
- First Water TH to Peralta TH

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- (moderate) Cave Trail #233
- (moderate) Peralta To Fremont Saddle
- (difficult) Weaver's Needle Loop via Peralta

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2008-03-12 nonot

    One-Way Notice
    This hike is listed as One-Way.

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    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    been wanting to get out in the supes lately, and this loop has been on my list for a repeat
    denny, john and i set out just before 0700
    went clockwise, to avoid later crowds on peralta and ascend the loose rock on terrapin
    have only been on the northern part of peralta trail and terrapin once
    most of peralta seemed familiar, but much of terrapin did not
    cool to start with
    took a break along the short segment of dutchman
    very pleasant scenery and temps throughout the hike
    started seeing a few people once on bluff springs trail
    finished just before noon to a packed parking lot
    very little water out there
    nice to be out with the boys again :)
    denny and john sprang for street tacos at mi casita in chandler - yum!
    good times

    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Classic loop after a day of rain. Too bad there were only a few small pools here and there, nothing much. Didnt see anyone at all on the way to Fremont. Actually didnt see anyone until I got on the Terrapin trail. This was my first time hiking the Terrapin and I liked it. It was a nice challenge and a different perspective. My favorite part of the hike was right around Bluff Saddle. It was a strange flat rocky area unlike any of the hike previously. Almost out of this world looking. Good to be in the Supes.
    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    The aim was to burn some Thanksgiving feast calories while having some fun. The Black Mesa Loop would do just fine today. I added a loop around Palomino Mtn so I could stop for a visit at Aylor's Caballo Camp and then complete the only portion of Dutchman that I haven't been on, a short segment between the Bull Pass and Peralta trails.

    I won't go into much detail about the big loop, other than to say it's dry. No water anywhere. At the top of Black Mesa, I headed west towards the ridge to check out the views. You have to pick your way through a lot of prickly stuff to get there and back, but the views are splendid.

    Finished the Black Mesa trail and hooked up with the Dutchman/Grand Enchantment trail for the 10 minute walk to Aylor's camp. Hard to imagine living there for two decades, but you can't beat the location. Tall cliffs on either side, a great view of Weaver's Needle to the south and a creek right in front of you.

    I continued on up Dutchman, then took the Peralta trail to the top of the switchbacks where I left the trail to follow an old route I saw in Carlson's book. It was referred to in the book as the Quarter Circle U Ranch trail. I've also seen it referred to as a retired segment of the Peralta trail. Maybe the names are synonymous.

    The route starts at the saddle above the last switchback on the Peralta trail. It then heads west down into the canyon and bends north to parallel Palomino Mtn. The book says the trail was washed out in parts, but cairned elsewhere. I found the washed out section near the saddle. It was also thick with brush. I stayed to the right and aimed for a rock formation at the bottom of the canyon that I needed to go around (south of) before turning north.

    I found the cairned route pretty quickly. When I was researching the hike, I could see segments of the trail on Google Earth and pinned my track accordingly. That helped acquire the route. It was still hard to follow but the cairns would occasionally appear again and I continued on. I joined up with Dutchman right where I was supposed to.

    I stopped there to have lunch and apply some alcohol swabs to my legs. I should have brought long pants for the off trail stuff. From there until the end of the hike, I passed a dozen or so hikers out enjoying the beautiful weather.

    A very enjoyable hike on a gorgeous day. Hopefully I left enough in the legs to get another hike in on Sunday.
    Peralta Trail #102
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Webelos II - Bobcat Route
    We hiked the Dutchman to Miners and hit it from the left. I was expecting sheer drop exposure from the right. Instead it was a non scary looking crack. Despite seven weeks of prep I'm just not up to snuff yet. Not wanting to hold the train up I opted against belay. Yet took the bait for the summit which is one tiny move. Did that on belay. Think I could do it on my own hemming and hawing for an hour.

    Next up was who needs trails when we have brush! Worked west over to Barks then up a short jaunt on the Cave Trail. I should have known the easy trail life wasn't going to last. Back off trail over every obstacle

    Hit up 3445 then straight down to Peralta. Kinna rough for a measly nine miles. Wildflowers, new views and a wake up call kept it fun

    brittlebush is hitting hard, a few sprigs of paintbrush, no poppies witnessed, bushels if not truckloads of buckwheat, white ratany was abundant too
    Peralta Trail #102
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Cave Weavers Robbers Loop
    Enjoyed the route, the weather I could do without. Bruce covered our day top to bottom.

    Putting this route together I was looking to extend Robbers as much as possible. Rain hampered the mega loop so we stuck with a respectable loop. The key to the loop was getting down from Weaver's Overlook to Terrapin. Low and behold I stumbled upon a route by @juliachaos that helped bridge the gap!

    Heading north on Weaver's Overlook Route Scout showed the turn coming up soon. My waypoint rattled off turn into the abyss. Surprisingly the turn was cairned and looked well traveled. Tensions eased a touch. With all the recent rain everything was very green. The route is fairly well cairned with a hiccup or two. We wanted to follow it out but needed to get over to Terrapin in the Crosscut vicinity.

    After a busy week I stumbled upon the rest of the story... backwards. @Nonot has a great description for Barks Canyon - Complete Route. Soon that led me to @Fritzski on his Barks Upper Canyon Loop. Which in turn he put together from the Grand Poobah Jack Carlson.

    Based on the above two mentioned descriptions the route off Weaver's Overlook down to Barks used to be a bloodbath. I faired well in shorts. Abandoning the route directly over to Terrapin there was one nasty section. Bruce led since he wore pants. I followed step by step without issue. The route down was more fun than a concern. Hope to explore the area more someday.

    Paint brush, blue dicks, fairy duster among others. Saw a bunch underway that could bust a move in a week and change the horizon.
    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Cave Weavers Robbers Loop
    We did this loop starting from the Lost Goldmine Trailhead. The first car in the lot, shared only with 20+ porta-potties for Sunday's marathon.

    We opted for a CCW loop, starting on Bluff Springs #235. This is always a good way to get the heart started first thing in the morning, climbing cardiac hill.

    I'd never been on the Cave Trail #235 going this direction. I think I like it better. Lots of interesting rock formations, the Devils Bathtub and then climbing up the Devils Slide. The cairn collection seems to have been slimmed down at "The Cave".

    Joe found us a well cairned and used track down the east side into Barks Canyon. We tried to play out the well used path, but it started taking us in the wrong direction. We reversed our direction and bushwhacked over to Bluff Saddle.

    Now on Terrapin #234, the off and on rain, was on for a while now. This trail has seen a very recent and welcomed trimming.

    On the Dutchman #104, we were looking for some shelter from the rain and wind to have some lunch. No luck.

    It finally let up a bit on Peralta #234 enough to have a brief bite.

    Also the first time climbing to the Robbers Roost from Peralta, a nice change up. We had the Roost to ourselves.

    The sky was starting to get noticeably darker. Starting down my least favorite trail in the Supes, West Boulder Saddle, the deluge hit. Nothing like hiking down a steep, loose, rocky path, while holding an umbrella with glasses that are fogged up.

    Another fun day in the Supes....
    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    The plan was Weavers and then Bluff Mountain summit from the southwest ridge, back to Eli Anderson, Bluff and TH. Jackie and the pups came along for this one, however, with the expectation of being spectators for Weavers. It was apparent from the start that this was going to be a wet foggy day, however, I still held out hope that Weavers would be dry enough to summit.

    Weavers was in fact dry enough and someone left a line behind making the difficult first part of the climb pretty harmless. The scramble up was slick in a few spots, but never felt in danger. Chilly, windy and zero visability on the summit. In fact, throughout the entire hike to the Needle, we never saw it until we got to its base. I kept thinking the wind might blow the fog out of there, but it never did and the fog lingered the entire day. No worries though, as I enjoyed the little climb and scramble up Weavers. After meeting back up with Jackie and the relieved dogs, we backtracked to Terrapin. I then realized that I did not upload the route of Bluff via the SW ridge, but not to be deterred, I suggested we at least walk down to that area and look for something indicating a route up. We turned off the trail at some cairns and found a few more, but I was not overly confident it was the route and felt we were most likely on the wrong ridgeline, from turning off too early. After that wasted endeavor, it was to a fun little set of waterfalls off Terrapin, where I then proposed we just complete the Dutchman, Peralta Loop since we had gone so far down Terrapin already. I told Jackie that, "I could not imagine the loop leading to more than a 12 mile day." We came in just under 16 miles after taking Terrapin down to the Dutchman and then across to the Peralta Trail for our return to the TH.

    Despite the higher than expected miles and wet conditions (on and off light showers) we enjoyed the loop. We were finally able to enjoy some nice views of the relative surrounding area and the Needle around 3 p.m., the opening in the fog lasted about two hours and then it was back to 50 feet of vision for the descent down to the TH. We finally broke at 6:10 p.m. and put our head lamps on for the final few minutes on the trail.

    In the end it was really nice getting out to an area in the Supes where it is hard to go wrong when there is flowing water. It could have been a little dryer, but we prevailed, however, spent several minutes discussing our regret in not bringing our rain pants. We only ran into a couple of hikers all day and never passed a person on Peralta. The loop may have been long and the conditions not ideal, but it was nice to achieve solitude in such a popular area of the Supes. The SW approach to Bluff looks cool, will probably be out there shortly, but with a route.
    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    My 4th hike with Kevin from the Boston area. A chance meeting at the Pinon Pine overlook across from Weaver's Needle on his first hike in the Supes has led to some fun hikes together.

    We took the Ely-Anderson route up. Once on top we worked our way over to peak 4041 for some views of the valley. Thunder crackled to the east as we savored the views from 4041. We then headed west to the summit where we took a break, snapped a few pics and signed the register.

    We descended to the west because we wanted to add the Weaver's Needle Crosscut trail. Storms were supposed to hit around 2pm and it was about noon when we reached the Terrapin trail. The smart thing to do would have been to follow Terrapin back to Bluff Springs and return to the trailhead but we both brought rain gear so we stuck to the plan.

    We stopped for lunch at the first rise on the crosscut trail. The weather was still on our side, but it was a short lunch; we needed to get to the Peralta trail before the rain hit. Timing is everything. About five minutes after we linked up with Peralta, a light rain started. We passed a trail maintenance crew, high fiving and thanking them as we walked by. Thunder crackled to the east, but much closer now. The rain picked up. We need to find shelter. Lightning, then a bang about three seconds later. The thunder crackled down through the canyon. Awesome, but way too close! We finally found a decent overhang and ducked in to wait out the storm.

    The storm passed quickly and we continued our way to Fremont Saddle. By the time we arrived, the darkness from the storm had given way to partly cloudy. Sunshine and shadows from the clouds made for quite a show as we headed down Peralta to the trail head.

    A great weather day in the Supes and another fun hike with Kevin.
    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Did the loop from Peralta TH with a side trip to Piper Camp/Spring. On the return we crossed paths with fellow HAZ'er Dennis Williams who had just made his way down from the crosscut. A great start to a fantastic day.

    Hoping all had a great Thanksgiving :)
    Peralta Trail #102
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    3 day backpack trip with the J Brothers and Gabby dog in the western Supes and it was perfect. Made a loop up Bluff Springs to Dutchman and then back down Peralta. Not a long hike but this trip was about relaxing as well as hiking. Saturday we started out right at sunrise up Bluff Springs trail. Pretty much uphill the whole way until Bluff Saddle. Passed a couple Boy Scout troops camped right off the trail near the Bluff Springs/ Dutchman junction. The section between Bluff Saddle and Bluff Spring had some of the biggest Saguaros I have ever seen. I have heard the legends of the giant ones that have since fallen and there are definitely some new contenders in that area. The Dutchman flattens out to a nice valley for a while until approaching another area that when looking from a distance you can see several springs one after another down the valley. Skipped right by LaBarge Springs and stopped for a while at Oak Springs. This was a top notch camp spot. Lots of trees over hanging and didn't feel like the middle of the desert at all! Went on another mile and setup camp at Charlebois. There was a lot of water there and several groups came by to fill up as they said it was the only water available from there to First Water. At night it was kind of eerie to be so secluded but still see the lights from Phoenix lighting up the sky and creating some pretty cool silhouettes. Took a midnight trek to go find the "Master Map", unfortunately it was very dark and all the rocks look the same in our condition so we gave up and went back to camp. Jamaar took home the WTF and the astrophysicist merit badges that night. Hung out for quite a bit on Sunday morning just enjoying the unique little ecosystem. There were tons of frogs near the spring and I also saw some turtles under the water. Treated some water and then headed out on the Dutchman towards Marsh Valley. This was one of my favorite sections as the trail was very flat and sandy with some huge rock faces looming overhead the whole time. There were a few good camp spots around there, also. Made our way through Black Top Mesa Pass and over to Peralta Trail. The weather was perfect all day with just the right amount of humidity and overcast. Apparently it poured in the valley all day Sunday, we didn't get a drop all day! Made camp for the night at Piñon camp just a mile away from Freemont. We had stashed some water there 2 weeks ago, so the plan went perfect. I usually don't like to camp so close to people or a trail, but snuggling up to that needle for the night was a real treat. We found a great spot under some trees which worked out real well because we did get rained on during the night. Gabby injured a paw so the final 3 miles up and over Freemont and down Peralta on Monday morning were a little slow. She is a trooper, though, and I'm sure she will heal with some rest and extra bacon. Overall this was a fantastic trip with some great friends! Great to be back enjoying the desert we are so blessed to have so close to us!

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

    To Peralta Trailhead
    7.6 miles east of the junction Idaho Rd / US-60. Turn Left on to FS77 which is Peralta Road. Follow FS77 5.6 miles to a left and up turnoff. Continue 1.9 miles to Peralta Trailhead.

    The trailhead has restrooms minus running water. The parking lot is huge. It does fill up in season on weekends. Since there are no lines the rangers ask that you park straight between the posts in the main lot. Please do your part with this simple request and make room for the next guy. 0.5 miles before reaching the trailhead is an overflow lot which is also suited for horse trailer parking.

    From PHX (Jct I-10 & AZ-51) 45.2 mi - about 1 hour 8 mins
    From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 97.0 mi - about 2 hours 16 mins
    From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 192 mi - about 3 hours 15 mins
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