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Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain, AZ

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Distance One Way 2.25 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,353 feet
Elevation Gain 233 feet
Accumulated Gain 271 feet
Avg Time One Way 1-1.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 3.15
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Heart of Muhadag Du'ag
by joebartels

New post markers are confusing.

July 2018
Park map now shows the NE portion utilizing the now missing Box Canyon Loop to Holbert instead of the sandy wash to Scorpion Gulch. Stay tuned...

Accessible from both east and west ends. The western end is accessed 0.25 miles up the Ranger Trail from Five Tables Trailhead. Described here from the eastern end. The trail leaves the entrance road just west of Ponderosa Stables near Scorpion Gulch.

Scorpion Gulch
Trading post built in 1936. Owned and operated by William Lunsford and his wife. They lived in the attached building. "Grandpa" as he was known cared more about children visitors than profit margins. Bottles of pop and penny candy was often given away. In the 60's parents were known to phone ahead kids were on their way. Bill then returned a courtesy call as they departed the curio shop which included jewelry, leather goods and native crafted items. In the 1970s, it became a bar. Scorpion Gulch was listed on the historic preservation register in October of 1990.

This trail is difficult to decipher for the first mile. Best download and use the supplied GPS Route until the park marks the designated trail. Trail posts are washed out ( 5 & 10 ) and missing [3,6,12-14] in areas leaving the maze of trails a crap shoot. FS, regional & city parks typically close these type of situations until budget allows a fix.

Lomita - a low broad hill. Hiking through the sandy wash is fun for about three steps.

0.60 mile You should be in the vicinity of the park maintence yard. I was in the wash but the real trail may be above overlooking. Guessing on the wash as seriously abused terrain within sight of their facilities would surely be marked off limits if incorrect. Also seems likely due to placement of #15 later on.

0.75 mile Unmarked hairpin turn.

0.88 mile Post #15, signage resurfaces. The hairpin turn seems most logical as this post has an arrow pointing back west.

0.93 mile Post #16. Box Canyon comes in from the left. The next tenth of a mile is a slice of paradise where you enter a narrow cut wash. Sandy, confusing and no fun for some.

1.12 mile Post #23. Cross road to Piedras Grandes which translates to "large stones". Accessed just off this trail it is among my favorite SoMo locations. The history is rich, enjoy the ride...

Picnic Revolution
Other cities wanted the Arizona dream. 1950's Los Angeles commissioners said a park such as South Mountain would be worth ten million dollars to their coastal city. Phoenix paid $17k for the 14,513 acres in 1924.

Saddle and foot trails were expected eight miles south of the hustle and bustle of downtown in the 1930s. The park ventured beyond the call of duty catering to those seeking the comforts of the 20th century. Piedras Grandes, Las Ramadas & Las Lomitas ( view map ) were the Valley's hottest family scenes. These picnic areas had everything. Gravel and paved roadways led to ramadas. Loaded with features such as nearby water faucets, electric lights and fire places. Dance platforms were reserved for dancing(photo - Arizona Sun Bonnets at Las Ramadas Platform) and skating. In 1952 ramada tables cost 25 cents. Park entrance was free until 5pm, then 25 cents per car thereafter.

Arroya Secco ( dry creek ) was a fourth picnic area with 8 ramadas. The layout slightly shuffled and now renamed "Three Tables" and "Five Tables" areas. A baseball field on old maps looks long gone based on satellite imagery.

1.42 mile Kiwanis Trail trailhead. From the previous section to here is blah but well defined and signed. Continuing west from Kiwanis, the trail immediately dips through the ravine that drains Kiwanis. Either the CCC did one hell of a job or it received some love over the years. It's surely flashed at least once a decade since it was built in the 1930s.

The trail heads over towards the old Las Lomitas picnic area. Piedras is a mini Disneyland will all the rocks to play on. This is more of a large group area. Without the boulders it just looks old. Yet better than Las Ramadas, my least favorite.

1.75 mile Cross the road to Las Lomitas and head towards the Ranger Trail. A little bleak for most. It has small nice wash and a good distant view ot the Estrella Range. About once every ten years a nice wildflower display of poppies and lupine blanket this area all the way out and through the Bajada Trail.

2.25 mile Trail ends at the Ranger Trail. It's under a quarter mile to Five Tables, which is the TH for Ranger. For reference, to the northwest is a private track for the Quarter Midget Racing Association.

I've heard from HAZ members over the years that this trail is not loved by The Piedras area has fascinated me since the 90's, guess I overlook what others see. You might have to go play on the large stones and find the camera angles from years gone by to appreciate. The park recently refurbished the restrooms in the park. Currently closed but figure they are waiting on budget to continue plumbing or such. Just wanted to share a little history of SoMo. It has unique areas that have simply been abused over the years. Keep in mind park budgets are lean followed by urban sprawl robbing inner city interests and monies. Keep me posted of changes or things I've represented incorrectly and I'll correct the guide.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

Leave No Trace and +Add a Triplog after your hike to support this local community.

2015-05-29 joebartels

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    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    Telegoat Ranger Kiwa
    I didn't think I had ever hiked Telegraph Pass before. Apparently it was so exhilarating the first time that I completely forgot about it.

    Los Lomitas combined with the official route preloaded on Route Scout burned through my phone's 30,000mAh backup battery in 12 minutes. Apparently one of the 211 waypoints on this route occurs approximately every 14.6 feet and RS is very good at announcing all of them at a variety of distance intervals. It would be a nice hike to do alone since your Route Scout would be talking to you nonstop for the entire hike.

    Not to mention, Los Lomitas is actually a very scenic trail. In the dark. I should probably do the complete loop sometime.
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    Tukey GRidge Lomitas Loop
    After leaving the promise land I dragged Central old school style I tell ya! Then it was over to my new found loop of joy. Corona and the Guadalupe Ridge was my fav when I lived on the flip side but nothing has measured up since.

    Kiwanis over and down Telegraph just to the petroglyph site. Finally got smart and knocked off the lower flats. Back up to Goat Hill... Mini Lode style!

    Down Ranger was a pleasant surprise for 2pm. People! Ten normal and happy hikers. Just shocking as I think that's twice as many as I've ever seen on Ranger. Then brought it home on upper Lomitas which I enjoy.
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    Los Lomitas Cabra Colina
    Grabbed the galoshes and headed for the cabra in the rain. Looked pretty ominous at the start, but it stayed to the west, and while it drizzled off and on, my shirt never got fully soaked, and with temps still quite warm, the whole thing was quite pleasant. It was nice to get out and enjoy rainpocalypse '16. Great to see trekkin again! :)
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    decided to bail on the cards game and go for a hike with chums
    i've been on the disabled list for a few weeks, so what better comeback hike than a trip to goat hill?
    went up via ranger, then did the loop back on national, kiwanis and my favorite los lomitas ;)
    skies were threatening when we started and we got some light rain midway through
    kind of a neat day especially looking toward the estrellas
    nice to do a real hike
    nice to feel good
    nice to hike with todd again :)
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    Had to get back on the horse for summer afternoon hiking, so I decided to get on the Goat. I did the same trip I had done back this spring with the Earthiest, makes for a nice loop with a decent bit of effort. I got started about 5 after coming back from Tucson with a side trip to IKEA for my wife (being a nice guy helping round up stuff for her classroom). I did not see another hiker until I came down Telegraph pass, there were quite a few folks on Kiwanis. Hot trip, but got some nice shade at the end of the hike to make it all worth while. Hopefully I can get back on the hiking every week schedule now that things are calming down a bit.
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    Mike, the wives and I decided that the day was just too nice to avoid taking a hike. We made plans to meet at the Central Ave entrance to South Mountain. We parked at the NE end of the Max Delta hiked the length then went up to the mine to explore a bit and take in the views. From there The Bajada to the Los Lomitas and the Box Canyon Loop. With a not so quick stop at the Environmental Education Center. Spoke with a very knowledgable and personable young lady about trails and history of the South Mountain there. Then returned to the cars. A beautiful day with great people doing what we enjoy, what more could you ask for.
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    The Earthiest had the week off, so I arranged to meet him as I made my way back in to town from Tucson. Plus, he had never done any hiking in South Mountain, so I thought I would turn him on to Goat Hill. We got started a little after 4 from the Ranger TH, chugged our way up and then over to Goat hill for a nice little break. Views were pretty lousy as to be expected with the wind, plus there was a big fire going in south Phoenix belching black smoke all over the sky. We headed back east on National over to Telegraph Pass, and then circled around back to the cars via Kiwanis and Las Lomitas. Saw way too many people once we got on Kiwanis, otherwise we had a good bit of solitude. Great bloom out there now!
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    Somo Bajada Loop
    Started out hiking Telegraph Pass. At the top of the pass crossed the road and headed down the north side of South Mountain on the Kiwanis Trail which follows a canyon wash. At the bottom of Kiwanis I headed west on Los Lomitas Trail and then Max Delta Trail. I took a side trip off the trail to the old Max Delta Mine ruins and spent maybe an hour exploring there. Then back to the trail and continued west to where it met up with the Bajada Trail. Followed Bajada to where it runs into National, then took National all the way back to Telegraph Pass.

    Lots of different kinds of plants and cacti in bloom.
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    hard to believe this is my first time on goat hill this year :o
    up ranger, back on national, kiwanis and los lomitas
    ran into a guy i work with; didn't know he hiked
    summit road is now open
    lots of people at the top of telegraph pass, but not too many on the rest of the trails
    beautiful afternoon
    hate to even mention it, but i think my piriformis is getting better as i hardly noticed it
    Los Lomitas Trail - South Mountain
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    I needed a hike. HAZ site was saying I had hiked 57% of the trails in SM. So I figured it was time to try out some of the missing trails. Mike was also up for a hike, so we met at the 19th Ave TH at 6:30am. Headed out the Ma Ha Tuak trail, then onto the Derby Loop, on to the Los Lomitas, even threw in the Judith Tunell, over to the Max Delta and finally the T-Bone back to the TH. The 7 miles was interesting, but I needed some elevation which is missing from most of these trails.

    So seeing as the Warrior was right there... Mike said he had somethings to do, so he took off. Man that Warrior is a butt kicker, especially after 7 miles of other trails. It took almost exactly 2 hours to hike the 7 miles. The Warrior took me 10 minutes less than 2 hours just to do the 1.5 miles to the Alta and back. But it's done.

    No other people on the trails, at least seen by us. We saw several cotton tails, quail and a few Jacks. But my high point is after several hundred miles of hiking in SM I saw a fox today. Looked up just to see him running beside the trail and a leap over the edge. This guy had very red fur, including a full furry red tail. Really surprised me.

    Almost no wildflowers.

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    Follow anywhere in the Valley north of South Mountain take Central Avenue south. Central Avenue curves a bit east then hard to the west as it enters the park. The eastern trailhead is the first parking lot on your right directly north of Ponderosa Stables.

    Access the western end via the Ranger Trail.
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