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Fireline Trail #118, AZ

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10  2018-11-17
Reavis - Pine Creek Loop
15  2018-11-17
Reavis - Pine Creek Loop
14  2018-11-03
Reavis Gap, Fireline & Campaign Creek Loop
14  2018-11-03
Campaign - Fireline - Reavis Gap Loop
121  2017-11-12
West Pinto loop from Miles Ranch
8  2017-11-04
Reavis Gap, Fireline & Campaign Creek Loop
10  2017-11-04
Reavis Gap, Fireline & Campaign Creek Loop
9  2016-12-04
Reavis Gap, Fireline & Campaign Creek Loop
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    Fireline Trail #118
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    Reavis - Fire Line - Campaign - W Pinto Loop
    Friday afternoon, parked @ Rogers Trough Trailhead
    Trail 109 toward Reavis Ranch - Camped overnight @ Reavis Ranch
    Saturday morning, left Reavis and took Trail 118 east
    Turned RIGHT on the Campaign Trail (213)
    Turned RIGHT on W Pinto to intersection with 109
    Turned RIGHT on Trail 109 for the short walk back to the trailhead

    This hike is a beast. It started easy enough. I've done the hike into Reavis Ranch on 109 several times, so it was nice and familiar. On the way, I stopped at the grave site to say hello and then headed into the Ranch. Much to my surprise, I had the Ranch all to myself. There wasn't anyone else camping there on this particular Friday night. At least as far as I could tell. I walked from the old house foundation out into the orchard and didn't see anyone. Awesome, but sort of odd. I don't think I've ever been back there by myself.

    On Saturday morning, I set out to hike some trails I've never done before. I loaded up with 4 Liters of water and started up the Fire Line trail. The trail was good until I got to the high point (~700 ft elevation gain) just past what looked like a small trail to Mound Mtn. From the pass, the trail heads down toward Campaign Creek. The trail down hill is steep and pretty hard to find in a number of places. After dropping ~1000 feet, the Fire Line Trail intersects with the Campaign Trail. I stopped at the intersection and had a little breakfast -- my 1st attempt at soaking a Mountain House meal rather than adding boiling water. It worked for me. I think I'll try it again in the future. Anyway, there is a nice, small campsite at the intersection that I plan to use at some point in the future (hopefully).

    I turned right on the Campaign Trail and headed upstream. The trail is easy to follow for a about a 100' and then crosses the creek. The next few mile or so is tough going. I lost the trail several times and almost completely missed the point where the trail went steeply up hill. After standing in a very small clearing for 4 or 5 minutes, I spotted the trail through a patch of cat claw going steeply up hill. I fought through the brush and pushed up the hill. After about a mile, the trail reaches the ridge line and you leave the brush into more open desert. At the wilderness boundary, there is a gate. On the other side of a gate, the trail changes completely. You are in more open desert and there are obvious signs of trail work. The trail is nicely cleared and easy to follow. From the gate down to the West Pinto Creek intersection, the trail is completely clear of brush and the trail bed is easy to walk on. The drop is pretty incredible. In ~2.75 miles, you drop ~1500 feet. On this descent, I saw the only other people I would see all day - 3 hikers heading up the hill on their way to Reavis Ranch for the night.

    The Campaign Trail meets W Pinto near the old corral. From here, I wanted to follow W Pinto back toward Rogers Trough. There are a dozen or so large, well used campsites near the corral and I had a hard time finding the trail. I'm pretty sure I didn't go the right way, but I plowed forward and eventually ended up on the mail trail heading toward Rogers Trough.
    There is a short steep up out of the creek bed and then the trail gains elevation slowly (~800 feet above the intersection) over the next 3.5 as you walk along the ridge line and hillsides above the creek. I passed a number of pools that looked very inviting, but were too far down the hill for me to stop and dip my feet in.

    About 4 miles from the intersection of Campaign and W Pinto, things get tough. I was a bit dehydrated (my fault) and the trail got steep. The trail gained about 600' in 0.5 miles and it really took the life out of my legs. The trail continues up, but at a more gradual pace. Once I crested the top, I thought I was done climbing and the trail was going to go to the right of Iron Mountain, but the trail turned left and dropped down a few hundred feet before starting the final uphill. After cresting the ridge the south of Iron Mountain, the trail drops down to intersect with 109 for the short walk back to the trailhead.

    This hike really beat me up. Trail finding along the Campaign Trail before I got to the wilderness boundary was tough. The steep up and down really killed my legs. And, I didn't drink enough. I have a tendency to walk for several hours without stopping and that really came back to bite me on this trip. On the last climb, I was barely moving a 1 mile per hour. Lesson learned. There is no reason to be dehydrated walking next to a creek. All in all, I'm glad I checked these sections off my list. I found one campsite I want to revisit solo and nice big campsites along W Pinto for the Troop.
    Fireline Trail #118
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    My third trip to the eastern Superstitions in the past 30 days. Trekkin_gecko joined me on this adventure, our first time hiking together. I often hike alone, but it's nice to have a hiking partner along to enjoy a hike as wonderful as this one, and having Kelly along made it all the more enjoyable.

    It was two hours to the trail head from Higley in Gilbert. FR 449 is in great shape (we made it in with a 2WD Explorer with no problem - thanks for the scouting report, Wally!). It was 30 degrees upon arrival.

    We got started a little after 8. The hike up Reavis Gap took the chill off in no time. Nice views along this segment, including that of a deep gorge a couple of miles in. Great views at Two Bar Ridge and Reavis Gap. A quick walk past Reavis Ranch and then up Fireline. We pondered taking a side trip to Circlestone, but Kelly had already been there and 17 miles was plenty enough for today. We stopped for lunch about 10 miles in, picking a sunny spot along Campaign Creek where we took a nice long break before continuing down the trail.

    The trek down along Campaign Creek went by quickly. We missed a couple of turns on the way down, but only because we were chatty and having a good time. The trails are easy to follow and in pretty good shape. Water was scarce along most of the route; there is water in Campaign Creek near the start/end and at Reavis Ranch of course.

    Although a bit cool and breezy at times, the weather could not have been better. Clear, blue skies all day. We stopped for dinner at Guayos restaurant just north of the SR 188/ SR 60 junction. The green chile chicken enchiladas are muy bueno! We had nice silhouettes of Picket Post mountain both at sunrise and sunset during the drive out and back, and a beautiful orange horizon as we headed over Gonzalez Pass shortly after sunset. I think we timed the drive perfectly.

    It could not have been a better day and the same goes for the company. It was nice to finally meet and hike with you, Kelly. I had a great time!
    Fireline Trail #118
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    the eastern supes have been on my radar since our backpack to reavis ranch last year
    noticed that ray (and others) have been doing some cool hikes out that way, so i cold-called him for a hike
    he had in mind this loop, which is a good long intro to and sampler of the east side
    his silver bullet easily made it to the trailhead, and it was about 30 degrees when we set out on campaign trail
    after reading about the climb up fireline, we did the loop counterclockwise, taking reavis gap trail at about a mile and a quarter in
    sustained and at times steep climb up to reavis gap/two bar ridge
    great views from there, with grassy terrain, rocky outcroppings, lots of landmarks i've yet to learn the names of
    a gentle descent and another climb to the point where reavis ranch is visible, simply an amazing view
    we took a short snack break somewhere in there, ray sharing half of his sandwich
    familiar ground on a short section of reavis gap, the piece through reavis ranch, and fireline up to the circlestone
    we considered going up to circlestone, but both felt that was pushing it so we continued along fireline
    ray says he'll be back :)
    found the steep drop into campaign creek, had lunch toward the end of fireline, and eventually hit the intersection with campaign trail
    while very pretty with the almost bare sycamores, the creek crossings made for more difficult travel
    we got off trail a couple of times even with cairns at each crossing
    oh, and i blew one of the later crossings, dunking a foot; never my strong suit
    there was quite of bit of bear scat through here
    closed the loop and finished above reavis mountain school, enjoying late fall color and lush vegetation in the creek, which held quite a bit of water on the eastern end
    great hike and i'd do it again but clockwise, to see the views going the other way
    excellent choice ray, even with a long drive and a committing hike with someone you've never met before :lol:
    we did quite well together and even felt like having dinner at guayo's on the way into globe
    thanks for agreeing to a hike, for driving and for the chocolate milk/pringle's combo as a post-hike snack
    enjoyed the hike and your company :)
    Fireline Trail #118
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    Reavis Gap - Campaign - Fireline Loop
    This . . . this was a hike.

    We started up the Reavis Gap out of Reavis Ranch in the late morning and made our way out of the valley. Then we descended to the junction with Campaign and took a little break. I couldn't keep up with Todd and Linda much further after this point, so they moved on. I took a break to get some water from a standing pool . . . was kicking myself for not bringing water treatment or filtration supplies. I downed a liter of creek water--hoping the giardia nasties won't be making residence with me anyhow :scared: There were plenty of clear pools along the Campaign. Following the Campaign--however--was a bit difficult. I think God was watching my back (and perhaps Saint Chumley of Dickarrow, too) because I didn't ever lose the trail though I certainly felt like I did at points. It doesn't seem Campaign gets too much play--people must be tired of such things this election season :lol:

    I junctioned with the Fireline and began the steep 2 mile ascent. Let me tell ya--it was slow-going. After reaching the high point, it was smooth sailing from there. You then junction with the Reavis Ranch trail. I was pleased to get back to camp only an hour after the speed hikers, and I was greeted with some fresh, wild apples at Reavis Ranch. They're great!
    Fireline Trail #118
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    This was a fun three days and a great group. We got a late start with the two dogs on Friday and didn't make it to camp until just after dark. Luckily, they had the fire going for us already. Day two we hit Circlestone with some others from the group. Most of them went up Mound but we stayed and napped and lounged at the ruins for a bit before heading down. On the way back we ran into Chumley and Linda completing their hike and then 9L, Claire, and Karl who had dropped off their stuff after hiking in and were heading up Circlestone. Day three we headed back to the north. It turned out to be a just a little warm for the dogs on the way out. They both slowed down for the last few miles but they powered through like champs.
    Fireline Trail #118
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Reavis Gap - Campaign - Fireline Loop
    After a chilly start to the morning we all came up with different plans for the day. I had decided this loop looked good, and Nathan and Linda decided to join me. We didn't hit the trail until 10am, which is a little late for a 15 mile day in my book, so I set a fairly quick pace.

    I hadn't hiked any of these trails before, so I was pleasantly surprised by the views along Reavis Gap, though the last 1000 feet drop down to Campaign Creek is very steep and the trail is rocky so the travel is slow and deliberate.

    We took a break by the plentiful water in Campaign Creek before beginning the gradual ascent toward the Fireline junction. I really enjoyed these four miles! It also eclipses the Galiuros for my new number one most active bear area! You could not walk 100 yards without another huge pile of poo! A couple of them seemed same-day fresh!

    Kyle had warned me about the ascent up Fireline, which might have helped me mentally prepare, and ultimately I found it to be not too bad. There's really only one short stretch that climbs 900 feet, but the old road makes for pretty good tread and it's over fairly quickly.

    There was a band of coatimundi along the trail, and though there were well over 20 of them, I'm not sure a single good photo was captured! ](*,)

    Once over the crest near Circlestone, we ran into Kyle and Nicole, who were just beginning their return trip, followed shortly thereafter by 9L, Claire and Karl who were just on their way up.

    This is a big day hike with some solid gain, and I was happy to get back to camp. But I'd definitely do it again!
    Fireline Trail #118
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Fantastic weekend trip to Reavis Ranch! We had been out here back in January of 2014 from the north, so we decided to conquer the south side now that I have a more capable vehicle. IT took us about an hour to reach the US-60 and Queen Valley Road, then another hour and 15 to drive the dirt road up to Roger's Trough. I only needed the 4 wheel drive on the last big switchback, but it was a bumpy, rocky trip the whole way. We started hiking a little after 3:30 Friday afternoon and made it to the high point right before sunset. After a nice break by Chumley's apparently 'trademark' cairn, we started the last four miles down to the ranch in the dark. There was so much moonlight we did not need our headlamps but for one wrong turn, and a few creek crossings. We hit camp about 7 and said hello to the HAZ crowd around the fire, got my tent set up quickly and then onto some beer, dinner, and revelry. A group of us took off for Circlestone and Mound Mountain Saturday morning after a leisurely breakfast at camp. Circlestone was pretty impressive, but the views from Mound Mountain really made the whole trip. We could see all the way from the Mogollon Rim down to the Santa Ritas way to the south. Amazing to be on top of the Supes! We made the trip back to camp and started tracking down firewood for the night. Sunday morning we packed up at an easy pace, and then spent a good half hour trying to get apples out of the tops of the trees in the orchard. We were able to come up with a few for each of us, my kids were really excited to get a tasty souvenir once I got home. Really great to meet so many folks from HAZ, nice to put some names and faces to a number of folks I had chatted with online, and some others I had not met before.
    Fireline Trail #118
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    What a great weekend.

    Started a little later than we wanted on Friday. This did give us the opportunity to both see an amazing sunset and also do some moonlight hiking. I heard on NPR that the 11th was the closest approach (Perigee) but I could not verify that once I got home. Either way it was pretty bright on the way on even in the areas with tree cover. There were many camps but the area is so big that you wouldn't even know someone was there until you walked right up on them. We were able to easily locate the rest of the HAZ group however. An evening of introductions, much beer drinking, fire stoking and good times.

    This was my first field test of my soda can alcohol stove. It worked like a champ, even after I stepped on it. It ended up being very light and boiling 2 cups in about 6 minutes. I brought 4 ounces of fuel and got 3 boils. I could have gotten a 4th if I had managed the fuel a little better. I will be making a few more and testing some designs I have seen on the entirewebs.

    This was also my maiden voyage of my new hammock under quilt. Thanks to the kit from Ripstop By The Roll I saved myself some coin. It took about 4 hours of sewing and kept me as warm as I needed to be. My next venture is a down Sleeping bag. What I have now is by far my heaviest piece of gear.

    Saturday morning we socialized, ate some breakfast and got on trail to Circlestone around 10:30. This is a beautiful hike with some pretty rewarding views. My hiking partners decided to explore Mound Mtn. I decided a nap in the grass was a much better prospect. The trip took them about an hour and a half. Plenty of time for napping.

    Back at camp we again prepared meals, attempted to get sauced, and watched chumley aggressively burn through the 2 cords of wood we had gathered a short time before. BTW...Gloves...I bring them but forgot to use them. The only injury for me was from gathering wood.

    The hike out was nice and I am glad the wind kept up most of the time. We stopped and saw the grave pile for old man Reavis. What a life. What a plot of land to have had. I did hit a wall about 2 miles from the trail head. We didn't stop for lunch and my snacks were packed away. My bad. It was a rough 2 miles. Can't wait for the next Backpack trip.
    Fireline Trail #118
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    It was time for another Reavis trip and this one didn't disappoint. Karl, Claire and I drove up on Saturday morning and made the hike in arriving to a vacant camp around 1:30pm. Apparently everyone was out hiking! We started setting up camp and Wally showed up to say hi. He was doing a big loop out of Campaign TH. He hung out for a bit and then continued on. From there the three of us headed for Circlestone. Along the way we passed everyone making the return. We hit Circlestone and took a handful of pics and then started our return arriving back to camp right before sunset. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing around the campfire with the group.

    Sunday started out slowly as the group woke and made breakfast. Everyone took their time and packed up camp over the span of an hour or so. One by one peeps started heading out. Some went out the south route while a group of six of us (Karl, Claire, Kyle, Nicole, Nathan & myself) went out the north. On the return Karl & I detoured along the Frog Tanks Trail and headed out the Plow Saddle Trail. It's a nice drainage but was completely dry even though there's Sycamores & Cottonwoods. We regrouped with everyone near the saddle and then headed back to the trailhead arriving around mid-afternoon.

    This turned out to be another fun trip. It was great meeting everyone and good times around the campfire. Thanks for Chumley for organizing and thanks for Karl for driving!
    Fireline Trail #118
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    We missed the Gap turn and did the loop clockwise. Perhaps my first. I'd rather go down Campaign as it's a bit less against the grain on vegetation. Not much catclaw. Further up flimsy manzanita hangs over the trail often and takes it's toll on hikers in shorts.

    The perspective change up to Fireline was a nice change. I mentioned the climb up Fireline to jj but it didn't seem to register. Believe it became crystal clear before we topped It was pretty hot but the rest of the loop was cake.

    Tall but not super tall yellow wildflowers partially fill the fields. I swore in 2009 they were taller than @azdesertfather
    A photo appears more waist level like this and perhaps most years.

    The apples... Reavis Gold! As in eat the golden and skip the red. It's not a bumper crop year. Plenty now. Falling quick. Might be plenty for the tree climbers in a month, who knows? I brought home a pear to see if it ripens. Saw several trees loaded with what looked like choke cherries. Not sure how I missed 'em before, there are several loaded trees. JJ tried one, squinted, spit and said bitter. I respectfully disagree, 100% battery acid!

    Bruce, jj and I hit this in 2012 one day later on September 1st. I was hoping for those exotic wildflowers. Apparently this year didn't measure up in rainfall.

    The reverse Gap is tame compared to ccw.

    Great hike as always, it would have been too hot for most.

    Carried 4 quarts. Down to frozen block finishing up Fireline. Carried the block to melt it faster. Consumed 3.5, 4 easy in this heat if it wasn't frozen.

    standard yellow fields for late August

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    Strictly 4x4

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